Editor’s Note #71

I’m not even going to list out expected recording schedule this time as it will be off for the next couple months

Upcoming October and November schedule:

  • Tuesday, October 3rd: Episode #262: Robert Johnson vs the Headless Horseman

  • Tuesday, October 10th: Episode #263: General Geist Returns

  • Tuesday, October 17th: Episode #264: Werewolf Haka

  • Tuesday, October 24th: Editor’s Note #72

  • Tuesday, October 31st: Episode #265: Guise fights the Draculas

  • Tuesday, November 7th: Episode #266: GloomWeaver vs. Æternus

  • Tuesday, November 14th: Episode #267: Prime Wardens in the Egyptian Underworld

  • Tuesday, November 21st: Editor’s Note #73

  • Tuesday, November 28th: Episode #268: Grimm: Lord of the Harvest


Rubber Bandit is still a name in use by Green Ronin since at least 2014. They might be cool with GTG using it as well, but it would be polite to check with them.

Major Twist is a boring as hell gimmick enemy, easily my least favorite thing in the whole Guise book - which is saying something. The way he’s written you just have to let him do what he wants until you’re ready to one-shot him unless you want to drown in Major Twists. Maybe you can Hinder him to minimize his die rolls if you can spare the action, but mostly you have to keep stacking bonuses on your heaviest hitter until you can reliably do 20+ damage in a single Attack, preventing his stupid twist ability from going off. It’s a tedious process, made even worse by the fact that his own big bonus to Hinders means he’s likely to spend his time handing out penalties that interfere with the process. And you have to pull it off while dealing with whatever other stuff the scene is throwing at you. Maddeningly unfun for a mere lieutenant. It would arguably be better if he had an Attack bonus so at least things go faster and you could use defensive reactions while you’re building up for the KO.

Better yet, make his ability a minor twist rather than a major so there’s a more meaningful choice to be made between knocking him down a step or two before going for a big KO hit. Majors are just way too potentially impactful to risk stepping him down normally. Minors are a lot more palatable.

Interesting that it’s Robert Johnson and not Rambler vs. The Headless Horseman. We haven’t really heard anything about him specifically since the American folklore episode if I recall correctly.

Hmm, so when they said MatriMark my mind immediately went to the universe wherein Lillian is shipped with Benchmark. Quite possibly even more cursed than MatthewXGunRat.


I’m just leaving a certain referenced folk song here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30n-je3AyNI (The best/worst lyric is the one about the Widow Hilden for me.)

FWIW I submitted it phrased that way two years ago before we knew about Rambler and it didn’t get enough votes the first time.


Gotcha. So it may not be like Tabitha Taft takes down Lord Wolfhunt without werewolfing. I’m hyped for all the stories from the spooky months!

I wonder if anyone’s found that image of moon wolves Adam was talking about.

“The Enclave of the Hippies” just doesn’t have the same ring to it :V

We need more detailed descriptions of fake movie scenes. :smiley:

I am pleased to say I am one of the 12 who voted for Mocktriarch, admittedly before it was revealed as a dupe. XD

Hey, more fake movies, all right!

Adam’s “eww” at the LP art being a decade old is a big mood.

Oh! Awesome, I had just submitted Rambler vs. the HH for this month, I was really glad to see it got in, no matter what he’s called :slight_smile:

The behind the scenes of the topics submitted is mildly amusing.

There’s topics where people traded notes and realized topics got smushed together with other topics into one topic.

There is in fact topics that started out more generically worded and C&A altered them to be more specific, so it’s not impossible that them not altering this one does in fact still mean something.

There’s topics that had to show up multiple times (often kinda low-voted each time) before people got the hint C&A probably really wanted to do that topic.

There’s even topics where C&A hinted at something, people were like “ooh we really need to have this as a topic to learn more about it”, and me or someone else was like “BTW that actually was on the voting two months ago and we didn’t vote it up” and everyone’s like “oops”.


Now I desperately want a list of Southwest Sentinels issues. Originally, I’d assumed that the first Crackerjack Crew story needed to be fairly early, since they return in Issue 13, but now it looks like their return is just a fourth issue to the original three-issue arc!

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Yep! Tireless Dynamo shared it on the Letter’s Page Discord, and Adam’s response was “omg that’s it”. :grin:

This isn’t the kind of thing that can’t be shared outside of there, so might as well:


Um… is that the moon in the upper left?

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And woods at the bottom of the image. It’s pretty surreal. :confused: Definitely meant more as an abstract representation than as an actual image.

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