Editor’s Note #74

We enter a new year

Upcoming Schedule

  • Tuesday, January 2nd: Annual break!
  • Tuesday, January 9th: Episode #272: Stuntman vs Nightsnake
  • Tuesday, January 16th: Episode #273: Lifeline encounters Waykeep
  • Tuesday, January 23rd: Editor’s Note #75
  • Tuesday, January 30th: Episode #274: Baron Blade vs non-F5 team

Expected Recording Schedule

  • Friday, January 5th: Episode #272: Stuntman vs Nightsnake
  • Friday, January 12th: Episode #273: Lifeline encounters Waykeep
  • Friday, January 19th: Editor’s Note #75
  • Friday, January 26th: Episode #274: Baron Blade vs non-F5 team

Hydro Force


Oh no! Christopher didn’t put the Hydro-Force pics in the Show Notes! I must legit protest this oversight.


Flip-flop on the airing and recording schedules there, unless they’ve got a time machine now. :upside_down_face:


Edit: should be corrected now.

Show notes have been updated with them. I’m going to put them in the initial post as well.


Love listening to an Editor’s Note the second time and coming up with stupid ideas for questions to ask. :slight_smile:

Hey wait, what did he mean “it’s smaller than the real Omnitron”? <_< Where are they hiding him?

I also love how Adam describing the Hydro Force drawings sounds like him actually excitedly talking about his toys to his friend. :smiley:


I love the Hydro-Force so much.

I have a massive soft spot for anything that is the intersection of “awesome” and “ridiculous”, and these absolutely qualify.

Also Christopher going “Yikes” at “Silver Siren” Argent Adept, lol.

I also appreciated the clarification of how they’re going to handle topic choices next year; it sounds more interesting now versus a little intimidating. (Seeing January’s voting also helped, which I had written my letter before that happened.)


I actually think I would really appreciate Wraith’s expensive-but-generic gifts. I imagine they’d be pretty good quality, and a nice watch or fancy towel would be quite lovely.

Also, I am obliged to provide a pronunciation note: Hygge (assuming that it’s the same thing Adam was referring to, which does seem likely but you never know) is pronounced roughly “h-YOU-guh,” and basically means “cosiness.” Throwing this in here because I pronounced it “hig” for ages, and was super embarrassed when I found out!


Same. I like to get practical/functional gifts, and would be appreciative of getting an elegant model thereof (as if I’m spending on myself I’m likely to just spend any extra I can spare on pure quality of function, not presentation).

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I know that the whole idea of blending decks has been hush-hush since the Disparation campaign, but I feel like the Prospero would be an… interesting blend of Tempest and Bunker.

Now I want to know if Omnitron-X/U and Fanatic have ever interacted. I can imagine two different ways something could go, depending on if the writers/tone want Fanatic or Omni to have some enlightenment. For the former, I imagine fanatic SMITE-ing her way through a horde of robots (Omni IV or some kind of Baron Blade knockoffs), and when doing some kind of blind strike, she senses a good soul and halts her blade. Vision clears, and Omnitron X is standing there looking confused at Fanatic’s weapon millimeters from his optics. For the latter, I would have a similar situation, but Omni is buried in a mass of enemies, and Fanatic uses an AoE SMITE… and Omnitron X/U is untouched in a circle of burnt remains. “How?” “The light of Heaven does no harm to the righteous souls.” “But… I am a machine. I do not have a soul.” “Don’t you?”


“For The Man Who Has Everything” vibes.


not this exactly, but I did write in about a potential OX/Fanatic interaction… :slight_smile:


I’m amused that Christopher thinks he’s more introverted than Jerry Holkins, who he thinks of as a social butterfly. I’m sure Jerry thinks exactly the same thing about Christopher. Both consider themselves introverts but put on a very effective extrovert “mask.”

When they’re talking about the large Hasbro layoffs early on, only a small percentage of the 1100 people in this wave of downsizing were part of WotC. The vast majority of layoffs came from other parts of the company, basically all of which are losing money at this point. It’s still noteworthy that WotC lost any positions - they didn’t in the last wave of 800, and they’re the only part of Hasbro making any real profits any more - but if all 1100 had come from WotC their offices would be empty and Hasbro stock would be worth pennies per share.

Hasbro is still a corporate villain, but let’s be accurate about the details of their villainy.

Also worth mentioning that Hydro-Force’s Argent Adept/Silver Siren there is borrowing design elements from Siren over in Mutants & Masterminds with that fishnet cape and the name itself. I find it weird how reticent they are to give Green Ronin a nod for stuff like that when they’ve already licensed an actual Sentinels card game to them. The companies must be on reasonably good terms, why be shy about it?

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Given SoEP didn’t release until after the first box for DE I am not sure how their relationship is at the moment since that had to undercut their product.

I didn’t get any impression from Adam’s commentary during the art Livestream that he was intentionally homaging that versus just trying to make Argent sexy. He didn’t mention it even obliquely. Heck, I essentially came up with the same idea myself independently in my comments in the Editor’s Note 73 thread.

Which is not to say there was no connection, just that it seemed to be unconscious if there was any.

(Also “siren” is a term from mythology; it’s not exactly something Green Ronin invented.)


I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam isn’t even aware of what SoEP’s Siren looks like. Both draw from the same mythology, and it’s that mythology that guide their appearance.


If he’s an homage to anyone, it’s likely Namor, the OG superhero watery twink in a speedo.

Aside: Forgot to add on that with the cape, you have to give him something as pre-RPG he’s one of Sentinels’ iconic capes, and if you’re going for “thirst trap” you want the visual pun of fishnets over something like seaweed or whatever.

And what reminded me is that I have been listening to old episodes and coincidentally came across one the other day where a fan jokingly called themselves “the Silver Siren” while claiming they were from the Aquaverse, in reference to Anthony.

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