Editor’s Note #75

I’m not sure this is the longest one but it’s up there for an editors note.

Upcoming schedule:

  • Tuesday, February 6th: Episode #275 - Writers’ Room: Choke in Megalopolis
  • Tuesday, February 13th: Episode #276 - Writers’ Room: A Villain romantically involved with a support character
  • Tuesday, February 20th: Editor’s Note #76
  • Tuesday, February 27th: Episode #277 - Writers’ Room: A Vengeance tie-in story

Expected Recording Schedule:

  • Friday, February 2nd: Episode #275 - Writers’ Room: Choke in Megalopolis
  • Friday, February 9th: Episode #276 - Writers’ Room: A Villain romantically involved with a support character
  • Friday, February 16th: Editor’s Note #76
  • Friday, February 23rd: Episode #277 - Writers’ Room: A Vengeance tie-in story
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I still appreciate that after numerous gags of Christopher trying to talk about covers in an Editor’s Note and Adam being all get out of here with that, we finally have an Editor’s Note where we actually discuss a cover.


This is great, I missed everything up through about the schedule reveal, so I can enjoy wonderful bits like “don’t cry for us, Argentina”. :slight_smile:

I definitely feel like the only person who was really gunning for more Drill & Qubit. :stuck_out_tongue: Like Marge Simpson, I just think they’re neat.

I dunno about anyone else, but I could totally go for new DE characters in Cosmic Contest and/or Oblivaeon for episode 300.

Wager Master was my first thought for “mentally exhausting villain”.

I have never felt more validated than seeing everyone else in chat going, “Time Trust?” alongside me, I am so used to forgetting things that everyone else knows, it was a nice change. XD

I want to know who wrote in these letters as kids who are huge fans of one character, that’s a great bit. Also, I think it was something like “Bawrseeloanah” for those wondering about the spelling. Also also, little Timmy needs to learn how to do better in Mario Maker. >_>

I dearly wish Silver Age Dr. Medico was a thing.

I think I worded this question poorly, the point is that I suddenly realized I had purchased far more oatmeal than I needed, when I didn’t need to. Does this not happen to other people?

Anyone remember this “someone in the Gray” image?

Okay, if anyone’s wondering, that old letter is from well before I knew I was trans, let alone came out, and I was in chat going, “It’s not a deadname, you can just say it! XD” Legit, I cannot change my username in many places, such as this very forum! And it’s not a gendered name in the first place, it’s fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Meanwhile, I am pleased to have this proof of being Sk8blayd’s original number one fan, which is balanced by not having spelled his name correctly lol I am so ashamed

As we move into the covers section, I am all a-twitter to know just how much Trevor left in of Christopher reading the list of episodes people were posting in chat. XD Boy do I hope all that rambling was enjoyable for people who weren’t there!


One time while doing grocery shopping after a long day of work (i.e. very hungry), I happened to be walking by the Pop Tarts in the grocery store… I went home with 3 or 4 boxes.

The correct number of boxes of Pop Tarts for a late-twenties man who lives alone and has no children and is a perfectly good cook to take home from the grocery store is either 0, or, if feeling particularly nostalgic for a childhood treat, 1.

Let’s just say that it took me quite a long time to go through those boxes, and I had a valuable reminder of the dangers of grocery shopping while hungry.


See if I did that in my late twenties I would’ve ate all the boxes within a day. Which is why in my case it would be better to buy only 1 or 0.


Thankfully, despite being in the latter half of my 20’s, I don’t live alone and I have a kid, so I’m happy to know that makes my Pop Tart consumption perfectly acceptable.

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Nope, I had been wondering about that too.

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I suspect it’s something that has been drawn, but not yet revealed, for Disparation.


I had to end my commute and stop listening before they got to the end of the list of covers Adam hasn’t drawn yet. I was screaming “Fahrenheit X” at them with every issue you guys came up with that wasn’t that one.

My wife does this for practically everything. We’re a family of 3 and she gets half our food from Costco. We throw out a lot, and that’s after a whole lot of "Expiration dates are only a suggestion, right? "


Oh and now you remind me we also had Wipeout’s debut issue in that same episode.

Ooh, possible art of Wipeout, I am made of excite!

This definitely happens in our household as well, incidentally. Especially with things like “we bought a few too many types of cereal and now we have several almost-empty boxes of stale cereal in the cupboard” or “we are definitely going to make Jello this week, I swear, it’s not just going to sit in the pantry for eight months” or even “whoops, I just bought a big bag of cinnamon and brought it home and placed in the cupboard next to the big bag of cinnamon I bought last week”.

Episode #300 definitely needs to be an English-dubbed soap from the Telenovela-verse.

¿Por qué?


Me, getting home from the store: “…Also, I bought shampoo.”
Wife: “3 bottles… Why?”
Me: “It was on sale.”
Wife: “Do you need any?”
Me: “Not right now. But I will eventually.”
Wife: “Don’t we already have a bunch?”
Me: “I don’t think so…”
*Opens the bathroom cabinet and discovers that the back-stock of shampoo is already 5 bottles.


“You just got slippers from Amazon?”
“Yeah, the ones I have are wearing out.”
“Don’t you have an unopened box of slippers under the cabinet?”
“…Actually, I apparently have two boxes. And… some water shoes?”
“Yeah, don’t forget you have those next time we go to the beach.”
“I guess the water shoes I bought after our last trip can stay in the packaging.”
(This happened literally yesterday.)


When I lived with my bestie, our grocery shopping was me always trying to avert that. “Why are you buying cookies, you already have cookies at home you haven’t eaten yet.” He complained I sounded like I was his mom, lol.