Editor’s Note #77

Tomorrow is the day for Christopher’s surgery

Upcoming Schedule:

  • Tuesday, March 19th: for sure Surgery-Sode
  • Tuesday, March 26th: hopefully Episode #276 - Writers’ Room: A Villain romantically involved with a support character

If all that works, then:

  • Tuesday, April 2nd: Episode #277 - Writers’ Room: A Vengeance tie-in story
  • Tuesday, April 9th: Episode #278 - A Day in the Life: Argent Adept
  • Tuesday, April 16th: Episode #279 - Greazer & Fashion vs Card Shark
  • Tuesday, April 23rd: Editor’s Note #78
  • Tuesday, April 30th: Episode #280 - Disparation Vol. 2 #122 “Farewell to the Oracle”
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What the heck song was Christopher referencing there? c_c All I can think of is that weird “Walk in the Rain” song from Cowboy Bebop.

The surgery is tomorrow! All of us here at… my apartment where I live by myself wish Christopher a safe, effective surgery and a speedy, complete recovery!

“I don’t have feelings other than RAGE and SHOOT.” That’s our Expatriette!

What are the odds someone in a comic accused Jefferson Knight of being a loose cannon and/or demanded his badge, etc.?

I cannot overstate how much I love this “fans of a show that doesn’t exist” bit. How they get into it, then pause to giggle, then go right back to it. If I had to pick one reason I listen to this show, that would be it. :slight_smile:

Please, no one ever write in with philosophical topics again, that segment almost put me to sleep a second time x_x

I can only imagine a ‘villain Guise’ story would read like an episode of Looney Tunes.


Nightwish reference! I can see Harpy having OPINIONS on which lead singer is better.

When they kept talking about KNYFE’s musical tastes, I keep thinking of these guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UULJkItZuKE

Now I’m wondering who likes The Hu, Daft Punk, and who is the cover bands fan? (Okay, probably the last is Benchmark…)


When Christopher and Adam said that no one in comics was upset at Daybreak, I choose to take that to believe that Comicsgate simply didn’t happen in the Sentinels metaverse, because I know that a certain subset of people would have been absolutely up in arms about a team of five superheroes that doesn’t include a single white man.

(It would make sense. Sentinel Comics has generally pushed diversity earlier than the Big Two over here did, so that particular strain of problem might not have been able to settle in quite so deeply in their metaverse. Shinier world!)

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Is Setback… not white?



I meant to type Daybreak, not Dark Watch.

Thank you for catching that. I’ve fixed the post.

  1. It’s been pretty clear for a long while now that Sentinel Comics is essentially C&A’s fixfic for reality. (Which I greatly appreciate it being that, to be clear, I just note that it is.)

  2. Although in this case, I suspect it’s likely more that from comments both on the podcast and listening to Adam talk about comics on his own time, I get the feeling they sort of left comics after the early 2000s and haven’t even read any of Marvel’s ANAD comics, let alone read/know about the reaction to them.


Sorry for the double post, but, I was wrong. Adam, at least, has made comments on his server indicating he’s aware of ANAD and buys into the “Tumblrinas ruined things” rhetoric which is very concerning, so you absolutely should put your post about Comicsgate in a letter to TLP about this because I think it needs discussing where C&A, and especially A, will see it.

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