Enhanced Fillable Character Sheets

Hey everyone.

Having finally managed to get a group organized to start playing the RPG, I immediately began playing around with creating some heroes and villains. Which was fun! (Seriously, I’m GM’ing and yet I’ve already created 3 heroes and have 4 other in various stages of progress, it’s just so much fun creating them.)

And then I merged the Hero Character Sheet with the Hero Auxiliary Sheet… what could be better than having everything in one place? If anyone else has attempted this, you’ll have discovered that some conflicting field names causes some problems when actually filling it in :frowning:

Not willing to face defeat, I first played around with some free PDF editors before giving up and starting a free week-long trial of Adobe Pro. And now my merged hero character and aux sheet works! I was so pleased with myself that I went and merged the auxiliary sheet with the Villain character sheet as well. Cue thunderous applause for myself at 10pm while my wife looks at me like I’m crazy.

Anyway, I figured I couldn’t be the only person who might find these helpful, so threw them in my drive. If anyone’s interested, the link is HERE.

Hope someone finds these useful.


Obviously you need to have your players fight a bunch of mind controlled, alternate universe, testing whether they’re good enough to join the big leagues, etc superheroes!


I like it!

I do have their first 6-Issue arc roughly planned out. In the first issue, they’re going to be fighting some kind of invasion… portals opening everywhere, villains spilling out, citizens in danger… think “The Battle of New York” in the first Avengers movie.

They’re going to lose. Badly. No hope of winning. And then they’re all going to wake up… one month before the invasion they each just foresaw.

Issues #2 through #5 will be spent obtaining nice big one-time upgrades and recruiting allies to help them, and then in Issue #6 they’ll get to fight the invading baddie again, only this time they’ll be prepared.


That is SUCH an awesome pitch. If you had run that story in Champions back in 2000 or so, when that was the only RPG I’d ever played (yes I started with HERO system, would not recommend), and when I had that kind of free time, I would have been so psyched to play that. I’d still like it as a comic book or something, I just don’t have time for the playable version anymore.

One of the things I like best about the supers genre is that the heroes can (and probably even should) lose pretty regularly. Getting knocked out and/or taken prisoner is part of being a hero, and a properly designed rule set (like SCRPG) won’t unduly penalize the players when it happens. The problem is often breaking people of the fear of defeat that so many other genres of roleplaying teach through TPKs and the loss of advancement that comes with making a replacement character.

Even without doing the “prophetic defeat scenario, can you change that future?” technique, I like to use a TPKO as a story opportunity, and I’ll usually reward the PCs for losing by letting them heal up two zones (so top of Yellow) while they were out cold. That’s how to fail forward, if you ask me.

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