Episode 174 of the Letters Page: xxtz’Hulissh

Everyone needs a bit of madness


So neat to have a character background episode again, I totally forgot to say anything about it! :open_mouth: Looking forward to seeing this expanded xxtz’Hulissh adventure in the future, at least.

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I stopped listening to the Letters Page right before they did the OblivAeon episode, because I didn’t want to get spoiled on what happens in the game before I played it… and I still haven’t played it. It’s weird to think how long ago that was. apparently that was the last character episode they did until now?

I’m glad this is the sort of podcast you don’t really need to listen to in order.

Looking through the list of episodes the one on Myriad, episode 103 from 3/12/2019, is probably the last classic episode.

I definitely would recommend listening to the two OblivAeon episodes as they’re just fantastic and unless you never looked at any of the OblivAeon cards it’s not really a spoiler in my view. Not to mention it would be rather difficult maybe impossible to setup each scenario in those episodes within a single OblivAeon game. Additionally, what I’ve found funny is that each Editors note episode since then has had at least one question related to OblivAeon.


I have, actually, resisted looking at most of the cards! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s kind of silly, I guess, but I really wanted to be able to experience the fight as if I don’t know what’s coming.

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The bird diversion was kind of hilariously engrossing, because Christopher came up with a weird choice and then…totally sold me on it. Also, cassowaries are modern velociraptors. They just are; look at their feet. On a vacation to Australia, I saw a sign advising that if you see a cassowary, hold a backpack in front of you so that it can’t leap up and disembowel you, and don’t turn your back so that it can leap up and cut your spinal cord. The moral of that trailside sign is that Australia is trying to kill you.

You know what is a super cool bird to be if you feel like a rogue? Frigate birds! They have swallow tails for aerobatic performance, because they get their food by stealing it from other birds. Hence their name after the type of ship most commonly associated with pirates.


Some other good bird options