Episode 176 of the Letters Page: Writer’s Room: Justice Comics #651 & #652

The enemy of my enemy is my friend


Ray Manta and Unity and Omnitron-X . . . I’ll be honest, they’re not who I was expecting.

Hmm, I appear to be a bit foggy on what the Hero-Villain Team-Up Episode was that they did before . . .

The one that turned into “Expatriette poses as a villain”.


Ah, right! And I even listened to that one recently! : P

Yeah, I’m glad we’re getting a real Hero-Villain Team-Up Episode now.

Thanks, @WalkingTarget, I knew you’d help out.

How did the discussion about villains with hidden identities NOT mention Glamor?

Also, “The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. No more. No less.” - Maxim 29.

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i just downloaded and have not listened yet but the covers and the names of the fake writers/artists had one that jumped out at me

They’re last names of people who watched Adam draw the covers on Twitch.


My own take on the Bloodsworn Pro Wrestling matches

If they were able to move out into the streets of rook city and have a running battle I give it to Wraith and Ermine, slowly stealing bits of the Bunker suit and wearing down Fright Train, but the trapped in the bar situation C and A came up with massively favors the big guys in my opinion. It becomes much more likely Fright Train gets someone caught in a corner and Bunker can just unload his grenades and trust his partner can tank it.

I think Mr. Fixer and the Operative need to go on the offensive, because if they try to hide and play cat and mouse it gives Blade too much time to build a minor doomsday device out of the stuff he has on hand and can find lying around and push the “I win” button. That said i think the most likely outcome is Blade does something that takes everyone -but- legacy out. Technically scoring his side a win but at great cost, despite his best effort to make Legacy go down with the ship.

The intent behind guise and green grocer vs headlong and myraid was age and treachery vs youth and skill. I think headlong and myraid are strictly speaking stronger then guise and green grocer (though who knows what nonsense blue hair philosopher stone guise can do). I think Myraid ends up being too confident that an endless wave of bugs can fix everything and guise and grosser scrap by some kind of tricky win.

The last fight I was surprised to hear Akash’tryia dealing with skinwalker gloomweaver “at a walk” since she lost to him in cosmic contest. The intent behind being in a graveyard was that skinwalker could go rotting god and I thought that would be an interesting match against akash’buta (my money would still be on akash, don’t tell anyone) Between Argent and Nightmist i actually think nightmist wins, at least late in her career when she has eclipsed him in experience.

Of course, as always, the question of who would win in a fight in a comic book is who does the writer need to win to tell the best story, so all these fights could go either way. I hope people like these letters, cause I like writing them, though I do worry I am going to murder C and A’s vocal cords. They don’t have to read them like a monster truck rally announcer!

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If they decide to make these actually be official, they’re going to have to update the covers with the names in the History of Sentinel Comics, so I’m not assuming these will stay as-is. :wink:

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Yeah I’d been under the assumption it was based off the History of Sentinel Comics spreadsheet for the book until it was pointed out to me on the Letters Page discord.

Literally what even were any of those fights. XD Specifically the settings. An old Kansas farmhouse, what?

Trevor seemed to have a lot of fun with this one, and I’m glad. :slight_smile: I love how they’re goofing off at the end, and the end theme just starts up as though he’s saying, “Yeah, we’re done here.”

The old kansas farmhouse means that you’re in a place that has plants and bugs!

I want to say I enjoyed how sort of morbidly amusing this episode ended up being. Ray Manta doesn’t like Omni-X, Unity doesn’t like Radioactivist, Omni-X ends up innocently throwing Unity’s words back in her face, and the one person who comes out actually halfway decent in this is Radioactivist who ends up being accidentally sold down the river for it. Ouch. XD

I also wasn’t expecting AZ to be a “listens to everything” sort of music appreciation person, but it does follow the pattern that I keep finding more reasons to like the fellow in every episode he has a feature bit in.

(Also Christopher flubbed my letter a little. He read part of it as “society’s problematic issues” but was written as the Society, as in, the Barbershop Harmony Society which definitely had significant racism issues in the 50/60s before righting itself. I wouldn’t normally comment on typos (is it still a typo if it’s verbal?), but this one had my intent get lost a little too much.)

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When I first saw the covers I thought it was Omnitron-U fighting and was confused when they said it was pre-Omni-death.