Episode 177 of the Letters Page: Creative Process: Young Legacy Foes

How could anyone be a foe of the young Felicia Parsons?


Oh man, Cult of Gloom got burned…

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What are swords if not knives persevering?

“We could have like a sexy lion guy.” Adam showing mad furry cred.

You know, I do have a vague recollection of the fate of Dr. Gregory Gregory back in the Sentinels episode. I’m gonna blame the three-hour runtime for draining any memory of said events or desire to ask question about them. :B

“Insular Primalis upbringing” cripes facepalm

I like how Gruum thanks Christopher and Adam for making him, when they’re also to thank for make him be the last of kind trapped outside space and time.

This additive vs. multiplicative strength question is way complicated. @_@ I don’t get it.

I sent in questions about Antimox and explaining why I think we didn’t make the connection. A big part to me seems to be that the Nolan Generator seemed to the emphasis and not the name Gregory. My other point being that Isoflux Alpha was made out to be an uncontrollable thing and thus a guy giving out powers didn’t seem to fit into that.

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I got the sense not every Omega has powers given out by him, just the ones he was actually experimenting on. Hope you asked for that clarification. :open_mouth:

Seems like Choke/Chokepoint is easy enough to retcon as an Omega, even if there wasn’t enough time passing. Sure, she “heard” the metal… but it was all in her head until her encounter with Isoflux Alpha.

I think I got the additive/multiplying strength bit. I also agree with A&C that it’s a bit weirder than trying to math it out. On the one hand, in the RPG stats Legacy has a lower Strength die than Heritage, but to me that just means she’s not as used to applying the strength as her father. If we were using a crunchier system, I would likely have their physical stats equal.

Plus, strength is hard to measure with flying heroes, because you have the question of strength vs leverage. I imagine Wearing the Cape is at least known to others on this board, but in that there is a bit of a comparison between the flying brick types (say, Legacy) and more “conventional” super strength types (like Haka or Fright Train), where even if they have equal strength in terms of lifting, the flying brick types are better able to flat out move stuff (or send opponents flying into the sky like Team Rocket) because they can apply their flight ability.

(Yes, I’ve given this a lot of thought… I’m a SFF writer, and one of my projects is a superhero novel… Granted, my main character in there isn’t a flyer, but she is a portal-based teleporter and I have her pulling tricks straight out of Portal.)

Actually, I suspect that Legacy might be viewed as being STRONGER than Heritage. Because while they’re probably about equal in the great feats (preventing building collapse, and similar), Felicia always struck me as more impulsive and direct than her father, so maybe she’s demonstrated that kind of strength through punching things through walls more often than her predecessor.

I wasn’t tying them together. Just asking why he was able to just give out powers using Isoflux Alpha when what we had been told was that it was more random.

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We were told in Editors Note 12 she is an Omega

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Seems like the giving out powers was if he has a direct hand in the exposure, while just using Isoflux Alpha (Mainstay, Dr Medico, Choke) without that guidance is more random. That’s what I got out of it.

I remember. I wasn’t saying she WASN’T an Omega. Just saying it’s possible that she was hallucinating the metal bit before she became an Omega. Like the trope of a magical awakening giving life to a formerly imaginary friend.

FWIW she was a baby when her parents started directly witnessing her manipulating metal. They might have retconned what caused her powers, but the powers were real.

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I was at work listening and said an expletive out load when they said “take you back the the South West Sentinels episode” it all flashed through my head instantly.
Do i even need to go to the Topic Suggestion thread to suggest my writing prompt that they both loved?

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I would, just as a reminder for folks who listen over multiple days and have already forgotten what the prompt was why do you think I’m talking about myself no you shut up baka

On a more serious note, the topic suggestions post is a good place because it gives more people the chance to submit the same idea if it appeals to them.


When C&A were discussing a villain that was just a friendly, low-grade fan (as opposed to Radioactivist-levels of creepy) who happened to be fighting against Legacy, I was really hoping that would end up being one of her major nemeses. Sort of like the opposite of the Tachyon / Glamour relationship, where this bad is just very impressed by Legacy and chats a lot and compliments her on her fighting style, but is still amoral enough to just go ahead with the evil plan anyway, and it drives Legacy up the wall because this guy seems nice but he IS HURTING PEOPLE and will not admit that it’s a problem.

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Are they sure Felicia goes to a college and not to a high school? It sure sounded more like a high school. It even has a principal.

The question about whether Legacy is always ra-ra-America or whether they are more about what the ideals could mean reminded me that I really want to learn more about the Termi-Nation story.

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I am not sold on Antimox just yet. His ownership over Isoflux Alpha seems crazy overpowered! If he ever stops experimenting and starts recruiting, it will be like Citizens of the Sun except that he could recruit any old shmo in the world into his growing super-army. I mean, certainly some of the Omegas’ powers are silly, but then there’s also Dr Medico and Mainstay, so… scary potential! Also, too much potential! Too many powers!