Episode 178 of the Letters Page: Creative Process - Sky-Scraper supporting cast

If the Letters Page discord is any indication this might not end up well for Sky-Sky


Oh man, C&A are Rewall fans? :smiley: This is the best!

Maaan, Sky-Scraper is just the bet. :slight_smile: I hope she makes an honest woman out of Paige someday.

Portja is now a bi icon. :smiley:

Sky-Scraper alone on Christmas because she’s systematically dismantled all her human relationships is the saddest thing ever. ;_;

They set out to make a supporting cast for Sky-Scraper, which consists of government handler, almost-friend, almost-boyfriend, therapist, and I think that puts a fine point on all her personal problems.

“Thank you for grabs.” XD

I’m glad I wasn’t the only one thinking about Hul’s relation to singular entities and the sandwich bag, I think I wrote almost the same letter. :smiley:

“Did anyone say they wanted to know you?” Cult of Gloom on point with the insults once again.

And good on them for helping combat some of the stigma around therapy and mental health treatment. :slight_smile: This was a good episode.

The Hul bit was interesting. Makes me think of the way primordial/titans are treated in games by White Wolf/Onyx Path like Scion and Exalted. In those, the ancient old ones are not just beings, but they’re entire places, universes. They have god-level spawn that are both part of, but independent of, the greater beings. Seems that X-boy is one of those spawn of Hul, and it’s not so much getting through the sandwich bag, as a wireless connection between the two that ignores the space between because they are the same, despite being in different places.

Also, “significant shenanigans” aren’t that off the wall. Even Uncle Ben and Jason Todd came back from the dead.

The Waynes never did!

Flashpoint. As I understand it, Bruce was the one shot, so Thomas became Batman and Martha went off the deep end and became the Joker.


Yeah, I know about Flashpoint. Technically, though, in Flashpoint, Thomas and Martha never died, it being an alternate timeline and all, so they never “came back from the dead.”

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Christopher, Adam: (naming rodents)
Christopher: “So, Adam. Here’s my question for you. How much of our knowledge of rod–”
Me: “Rodents comes from the Redwall books?”
Christopher: “–ents comes from reading the Redwall books?”

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That’s how I learned what a stoat was, after all. :slight_smile: