Episode 182 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Arcane Tales Vol. 2 #534

I like how “We just found out who God is” does not even rank in the top ten weirdest things I’ve heard about Supernatural.

“We know canonically [who killed Kennedy].” Okay, but is that Sentinels canon or real life canon? Because I am not confident enough to trust that it is isn’t the latter.

I love how they sort of lucked into the answer to “Why is Con compromised?” I always learn useful story-building techniques from these episodes.

Eternal dementia for Absolute Zero? Not fun! Meanwhile, I got a weird sense of relief from “Guise isn’t immortal.”

Hathory is not a good ship. That’s our job, guys, save it for the fans. :expressionless:

I like the implication that all these ancient magical villains just don’t care about Biomancer.

Please, no one keep a jar of skin. D:

The word ‘slough’ has been used enough in this episode now, thanks! DX The rats thing, ugh!

I like “Biomansurprise”.

Wow. Writhe really is the one person who can give Biomancer a run for his creepy money! Thanks, I hate it! :’)


Have only gotten just past this part so far. Please, people who vote on topics, we need this story. 11/22/21 is a Monday in the Spookiest Month! I’d like to imagine a Stephen King-style story with Chrono-Ranger/La Commodora/some hero going back in time to try to stop the assassination, only to have time shenanigans occur!

Edit: Just occurred to me that this is Tuesday when episodes drop, so it wouldn’t be exactly on the anniversary. I still want to hear the story, though!


Just going to say, “Con was never compromised” was a great moment. That way to changing things that still aligns with EVERYTHING. That’s a great feeling for a storyteller.

Also, had to laugh at the “skin” discussion, as Christopher, as a GM, had argued AGAINST that position when Maggie claimed blood was her PC’s…


I haven’t listened yet, but based on that cover: GROSS.

But, ah! Shia surprise!

…I hope that’s what they were referencing. I’ll find out tomorrow.

Is this the first time we have heard CON given female pronouns?
Makes sense since she was built by Argent Adept, Mr. Fixer, and Unity with Unity’s personality being dominant.
Is it possible that this is a Time-Slinger era development that they accidently gave away.

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They have before and they’ve used different pronouns for CON as well.


Ah, good, I wasn’t the only one who noticed that.

Christopher referred to CON as “it” a few minutes later, so I figured it was a slip.

I once observed on the Discord

When CON is a computer and AI, they’re an “it”. When CON is helping Jim fight, they’re a “he”. When CON is fussing over Jim’s well-being, they’re a “she”.

Although I want to amend my past thought that I think it’s more that when CON is being discussed as an autonomous person versus a computer or PDA, they tend to use “she”.

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Curious about CHE now - his/her/its/their origin and “personality” (as much as a robot/AI has one).

Con I can imagine as short for Connie or Conrad, so either way works there. With Che I’m always going back to the Latin American revolutionary, so he’s a guy in my mind.

You know that in the Metaverse someone took that reveal page of Biomancer in all those labeled jars, and turned it into the Diogenes “Behold! A man!’’ meme.

“CHE” stands for “Concordant Helm [Something]” or “Concordant Harmonic Entity,” so “CHE” and “CON” are merely acronyms, not names that are short for other names. (Although “Che” could be short for “Chelsea.”)

Regarding CON’s pronouns, allow me to redirect you to this bit of the show notes from the Time-Slinger episode:

A quick note about CON: both of us over the course of the episode use all kinds of pronouns for CON - he/she/it/they are all employed. That’s partially because we’re used to being cagey about giving answers on things, but we’ve already revealed the truth of CON in the past, so we should have been using “she” the whole time. Sorry for any confusion.


Yeah, I thought I recalled both CON and CHE being Concordant Harmonic Entity. I guess we know CON is she, maybe CHE could be either though. Don’t think they’ve hinted who created that version, if they even wrote anything with it being part of Disparation.

Edit: Actually just listening to La Capitan/Comodora episode again in preparation for next week. They mention the Concordant HELM (Harmonious Eternity Link Matrix) came from another reality’s version of CON. Maybe Chronoist and CHE? :man_shrugging:t2: I don’t think we’ve gotten confirmation of that, but LC calls the Helm “Concorda”. That implies feminine pronouns.

So I was relistening to the episode today and remembered oh right it’s known to us who killed JFK in Sentinels. Albeit requiring a little digging to know.

And for those of us who have listened to every single episode, but have memories like Swiss cheese from time to time?

It’s not in the podcast episodes. (Hence why I was atypically cagey.) It requires digging around in the RPG-related materials.

I suspect that there’s revelations about the nature of Con that Jim doesn’t know that will be part of Time Slinger’s RPG era story. That bit about Jim running on borrowed time and Con looking for a new energy source have me thinking that will be a storyline. My personal opinion (related to my “pickle” question about the sandwich bag a couple eps ago) is that it will have to do with finishing La Commadora’s story.

Listening now and commenting as I go, Justification-style. First off, am I the only one who hears “It’s been one week since you talked to me” and instantly turns it into a cover of the Barenaked Ladies song? (Or more accurately, Weird Al’s parody thereof, “Jerry Springer”?)

So is there a reason they’ve started to call CON “she”? I’m pretty sure this is new as of this episode; the last time they mentioned CON, I believe they either said “he” or “it”. CON was created by Unity, Mr. Fixer, and the Argent Adept, which is two men and one woman; it isn’t made FROM any of them, but if it picked up a gender from its creators, there’s more reason for that gender to have been male than female.

Okay, AWESOME question about potential immortals. I love the idea of Absolute Zero potentially surviving forever and turning into something totally alien to human thought; I love even more the idea of him seeing that this is going to happen, and flinging himself into the sun or something to ensure that he is utterly destroyed, rather than losing his identity and descending into some hellish existence as a near-mindless ice golem or something. Fanatic on the other hand, I don’t believe for a second that she would survive, because the Host’s relationship with humanity clearly implies that if the human race was obliterated en masse, the Host would either cease to exist or would abandon the Earth in search of some other species of sapients who they could skinride and experience their chosen emotions with. So when the rest of the Host was gone, I fully believe that Helena’s powers would diminish and she would become a mere mortal, probably dwindling slowly as a dying ember of faith on some monastic mission to preserve a record of Christianity for whatever might happen in the future. Likely a significant number of the books in Haka’s eternal library are religious tomes written by Fanatic, which he holds zero faith in as a Maori spiritualist, but reads regularly simply to remember his teammate fondly through her words. And I vote that the future version of Akash would probably take yet another new name, being neither Bhuta the destroyer nor Thriya the sorta-friend to one particular human, but something posthuman that would require an identity we can’t even currently speculate on. (Meanwhile, the idea that Mr. Fixer is still decaying, even if very gradually, leads to all sorts of unpleasantness I don’t even want to think about. And I have nothing to add on the other two, nor can I think of anyone else to add to this list. Oh, and I totally anti-ship Haka and Blood Countess, because one of the most truly good men in all of history would not voluntarily cooperate with one of the most truly evil women. He’d let her starve before he’d believe she was capable of abandoning her black-hearted wickedness enough to deserve any further survival. She could try to vamp him as hard as she wants; I wouldn’t let a single one of her spells work.)

Having recently fallen in love with the SCP Wiki, I am now thinking of Biomancer as a full-fledged Karcist of the Sarkic Cults. He’s out of his usual setting, and thus less effective than he would be in another world, much as Xxx’hulish is not Cthulhu, because he’s not in the Cthulhu Mythos universe, but there are definitely parallels.

Final comments: Absolutely love the Arcane Tales logo on this one, and Biomancer looks a lot more impressive when you can only see his spooky white hood, and not the dumb technicolor geometric patterns that he has on his bodysuit for some ridiculous reason.

They’ve referred to CON as “she” in multiple episodes, and as fjur reminded us they specifically said CON is definitely a “she” in the Time-Slinger episode.

Running fandom theory is that it’s because while CON was technically made by three people her personality most strongly borrows from Unity, but there’s no canon explanation yet. (Seems like a good question to ask, actually, I think I’ll go do that.)


Yeah, that site is pretty nifty. You should check out SCP-3231, created by our very own @TakeWalker. (I also recommend SCP-1543-J, which is my personal favourite.)

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Oh my. :open_mouth: I’m blush.

Funnily, I’ve just gotten back into SCP in the last few days after yet another hiatus.