#BringDebbieBack, the SCP!

I'm putting this in fanfiction because… I dunno, you can't get much further from "actually related to Sentinels content" than this.

The SCP Foundation is a collaborative speculative fiction writing site based around a shady inter-governmental organization dedicated to capturing, containing and studying the various anomalous objects found throughout the world. I've been writing for it for six years now. My latest addition, SCP-3231 is an oblique takeoff of the "#BringDebbieBack" meme, because apparently legitimizing memes that no one on the wiki has heard of is what I do now. Like I said, it has literally nothing to do with anything actually Sentinels-related, but I figured some people here might be interested. And if not, that's okay too. :slight_smile:

Okay, but I'm working on some SCP-themed Sentinels decks too, shh, don't tell nobody <.<

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I'm impressed that you write stuff for the SCP folks. :D

I remember trying to write an SCP. Someone stole my idea while I was discussing it in the IRC chat. Joke's on them, though, it got deleted for being bad.

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The sweetest of schadenfreude.

Takewalker I to am impressed you work for SCP it is a wonderful place for horrible RPG bad guys.

Living well is the best revenge?

Not bad. Interestingly, very reminiscent of SCP-454, “Comic Book”.