Episode 190 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Tome of the Bizarre Vol.3 #52

This came about from the topic Post Oracle of Discord

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Vince Snyder, what a scumbag! This was a great story for a tragic villain.

I think they confused necrosis with cirrhosis. :B

“I’m different, I’m a rhinoceros now!” Classic. Definitely a line that will convince anyone you’re totally okay.

Very glad Cult of Gloom wrote that Carmichael letter in, those were some great answers. :smiley:

I so dearly love anything Xtremiverse on this podcast.

Hey, you gotta spend fights to make fights!

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I’m so excite we finally got a Naturalist Writers’ Room, as it’s been an ongoing thought on the LP Discord that he’s overdue one. Poor guy, though. Poor Benji too. Snyder is a jerkass.

It’s amazing how many things in comics could be solved successfully if everybody just sat down and actually talked first.

As for my own questions: Soothsayer being British confirmed, woot.

Like I said in my letter, everything about Soothsayer being a skinny tweedy nerd with a British accent ranting the way he does will continue to be the most absolutely hilarious mental image ever.

Adam having to explain “tsundere” to Christopher was also hilarious.

And in other letters, the “fight economy” explanation was one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard on the podcast.


Trevor’s really going above and beyond with the sound editing in this episode. The thunderstorm during the opening joke, Gruum’s letter being in reverb for the first time (IMO that was a little too much, but I appreciate the effort), everything about the Extremeverse ending…fantastic stuff.

Did I catch an uncensored swear word in the Gruum letter? “…SOOTHSAYER CARMICHAEL, AND THINKS HE AND RAY MANTA WOULD BE FRIENDS! MAYBE EVEN $#!%?” I think the word was actually “shipped”, but that’s weird grammatical context, and it certainly sounds like a different final consonant.

While I’m being R-rated here, I might as well go all the way up to an AO rating, and say that the “fight economy” stuff about the Bloodsworn universe immediately made me think that everything about the “intensity of fights” as a numerical value, substitutable for a numerical exchange in valuable goods, could also be translated to, er, the opposite of fighting. We’ll say no more about that topic here, of course; I’m just saying that somebody’s gotta have these thoughts, and apparently I’ve been appointed.

That was definitely “shipped”.

But I actually thought I heard Adam drop the same swear a little later on, I forget where…

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Was Gruum reverbed, or did Christopher step away from his mic for better/more dramatic yelling?

No it was definitely reverb.