Episode 191 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Alpha: the Wolf-Woman Vol. 3 #12

We are in for a howling good time

Another “Ascendant?” They really like that word . . .

I’m a little sad that Alpha didn’t make it onto this cover, as I don’t think I’ve ever seen her. But at least we get to see Rose Griggs.

Can someone who’s familiar with the RPG Starter Kit explain this “funniest typo in the world” for my benefit?

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First, I would like to apologize to Alpha for assuming she’s more brutal than she is. But I’m excited that my question spawned Citizen Eclipse and the Citizens of the Moon.

(Though, if Amanda is just a normal werewolf who turns the other citizens, wouldn’t she just be a normal werewolf while everyone else are werewolves with extra powers? Might make it hard for her to keep control of them.)

This was a very cool episode, and I love the final fight (though like Justifier I wish we saw Alpha on the cover, since we’re still yet to see her at all). Chaos witch vs. Giant, blood-empowered werewolf and magic birds… awesome! And Griggs’ escape is both silly and cool, too.

Hmm, if Adam hasn’t begun on Harpy’s art yet, maybe we could get art from this issue in DE. I’d love to see giant, blood-empowered Alpha in action.

Also, do you think that last shipping question at the end only answered that way to not discourage shippers, or was it hinting “Corvus Lupus” being a thing in the RPG?

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Oh boy, nothing like starting an episode off with a poop story! XD

Not just you, I am also disappointed we didn’t get an actual cover with Alpha on it. We have been promised hotness!

Ah, Rose Griggs wants the Eighth Occult War.

I’ve heard this raven-feeding story before. I wonder if it’s becoming apocryphal at this point.

Gee, I wonder what friend I was talking hero tier lists with. c.c I always barely remember writing these letters, lol.

This Animalverse letter is fantastic. :smiley:

I knew a guy named Bryon once. He played accordion.

Citizens of the Moon are amazing. You better believe I immediately started designing a Citizen Eclipse variant for Dawn in my head the moment Adam said that.

I {REDACTED} what you did there…

Okay, now I feel silly for seeing “Witch” on the cover and assuming that that’s The Harpy floating in that vortex there.

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Love the image of Harpy pulling out the mask in the fight. It’s that great “I am not left handed” or “If only I had backup. Oh wait, I do” moment.

I’m glad there was the age question. The Kismet age in the RPG threw me off, because I imagined Expat as much younger than that (early 20s). So I guess I was about 10 years off, there.


I think that also puts Dawn in her 60s, which makes me think of her, Heritage, and La Commodora all playing Bingo in a retirement home.

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50s or 60s, yes.

Superhero (supervillain?) version of Red with the older characters? Or maybe I just want Dawn played by Helen Miren.

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That’s not bad casting but canonically Dawn is Robin Wright Penn.

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Or Jennifer Hale.

Those are all good ideas. You know who I just fixated on? Mary McDonnell.

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Edward James Olmos as Citizen Pain’s ghost?

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Gina Bellman for La Commadora

Comics are weird!

In all seriousness, there is some real timeline shenanigans with most of the Dark Watch members having aged much faster than a lot of the others. My memory is that Expatriette was just past teen years when she first appeared in comics, and at the time was close in age to Young Legacy, but Young Legacy is now just out of college and Expatriette has gained about 5-10 years on her. This matches what I remember of Setback’s age relative to the Freedom Five when he first appeared (slightly younger than them) compared to RPG era (slightly older than Wraith and Bunker), and Harpy staying a teen forever before starting to age up once she joined Dark Watch.


It’s all a big conspiracy by the 05 council to get members of the comics-reading public to lose track of what age anybody looks like, so they can eventually declassify SCP-006 when the world is ready for immortality.

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That’s nothing unusual in comics. I mean… My first real exposure to Spiderman was the newspaper comics, so my default view of the character is the late 20s, married teacher and part time photographer. So all the teenage depictions feel wrong.

But on the other hand, Batman has ALWAYS been active in Gotham for about 10 years, somehow starting at but also encompassing the first 3 Robins, Batgirl to Oracle to Batgirl again (still annoyed at the treatment of Cassandra Cain).

And let’s not even get started with the X-Men…

Anyway, yeah. I think the link to the younger Legacy is the other reason I under-aged Expat. Then again, I could see her being several years younger than Setback, anyway, given her “grew up too quick” thing and his “perpetual boyish” thing.

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I’m still sad that female Robin is only a thing in the Frank Millar alternate futureverse. Somehow none of the writers in the main continuity have ever thought to make that happen. And yet the Green Lantern writers took the concepts of Ion and Ranx out of Alan Moore’s “End of the Green Lanterns” story (I forget the exact title, but it’s also the first appearance of the race that Atrocitus would later be retconned into), and completely ruined them IMO. I just don’t understand comics writers sometimes.

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