Episode 192 of the Letters Page: Writers' Room: Daybreak #6

Seems like they’ll only be getting tricked

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I just love that Rockstar is dressed up as Elsa. :smiley: Of course, I also love that Muerto is just a sheet ghost.

It’s going on a bit, but I honestly really like this overview of the problems they have with modern comics.

Christopher’s reaction to the sheet ghost idea is 100% what mine was. XD

“An attempt was made.” I forget who it was, but someone totally called Muse’s modus operandi in yesterday’s art stream. :smiley:

“They run headlong into danger.” When danger’s around, they run Headlong into it, to test the waters, canary in the coal mine style. :V

Wow, Christopher was a real nerd when he was a kid.

Man, what a fun issue! :smiley:


I just listened the the Kaargra Warfang episode where they first brought up Fashion, so just in time to get Christopher’s joke about Fashion is a different character :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

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As a homeowner that lives near a high school, I don’t care about the age of who is trick or treating. The cost of the candy (actually Play Doh, which even the older kids love) is worth being the “cool house” that doesn’t get egged or TP’d.

Also, the bit about Biomancer clones, I agree with Christopher towards the end, with the “both.” It’s actually something I also did in a story (but… it’s not going to be in the upcoming rewrite), where a kind of transformation/awakening actually kills the original consciousness that was in place. It’s like the bit about the vampires in Buffy, where you’re not staking your friend, you’re destroying the thing that killed them. Which can be even more heart wrenching if a character has to fight a revealed Biomancer duplicate…


Adam absolutely hit a home run with this cover.


Best podcast episode in at least the past couple months, possibly a good bit longer. I’m not a huge fan of Daybreak as characters or a team, but this story was awesome, the humor between our buddies was great, and the philosophical discussions about fleshchildren were absolutely magnificent. (I’m a bit disappointed that this turned out to be a Biomancer thing, since it initially seemed just different enough that I was hoping it was some cool other thing, like a witch who wants to abduct children to sell them into slavery in the fey realm, or an eldritch abomination akin to Xxhulish. But it is a sufficiently different Biomancer thing that I’m ultimately satisfied.) The Aeon Girl pirate thing is ridiculous, but in a way that’s authentic to the character; all of the other costumes however are perfect, from Muse being a quasi-Goth “above it all” preteen to Headstrong, the economically disadvantaged kid, being like “why would I not want free candy?” Not sure how I feel about Rockstar’s secret princess thing, but she’s kind of a hard character to get a bead on for me, so I’ll just kinda leave it over there. Overall, a great story, a great showcase for the characters, and fantastic letters. I’m not sure there’s been a better episode than this since the big Oblivaeon infodump, though there are probably a couple I’m forgetting.

See also Babylon 5. I’m not going to spoil who it happens to; all I have to say is “Control”.

Ah yes. But there was some ambiguity. We never did see the twist character’s disec… err… Interrogation.


Was anyone else convinced that the Rockstar that Headlong ran into after escaping the kitchen was going to be a fake, since we didn’t hear anything about how she escaped? I was legitimately surprised that she really did just break out successfully.

Great episode, though. I especially loved the whole sidebar on the fact that Muse is the only member of the team who is worried about the ethics of using her telepathy.


Yes, this was a fun detail. :smiley:

I’d imagine that the whole Aeon Girl pirate thing started with someone saying “Well halloween is where you dress up in a costume and pretend to be like a pirate or a ninja or a zombie robot or something”, and Windy is like “Oh, okay,” and thinks about it for like thirty seconds, and then says “What does pretend mean?” Or maybe she never actually thinks to ask that, and just tries to guess what it means, but guesses poorly, which is why she ends up taking the role way too seriously.