Episode 193 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Disparation Vol. 2 #63

Let’s add demon to the cocktail that is Mr Fixer


Hot damn that cover art! :open_mouth:

Love them describing this as “LARPing a writers’ room”.

Didn’t have a lot to say about this one, but the story turned out cool and there were some great letters. :slight_smile:

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So glad someone asked about the Oracle of Discord and the Sandwich Bag because I’ve been trying to figure out how best to phrase that exact question.

Also, Dis-quarters

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If anyone wants to learn more about Journey to the West, there’s a video series that is informative, and hilarious.

Start here: Legends Summarized: The Monkey King (Journey To The West Part 1) - YouTube

(Actually, OSP is a pretty awesome channel in general.)

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Loved to hear Adam laughing heartily and being in good spirits this week, after how low-energy he’s tended to be in a lot of previous weeks. I’m not sure I agree with him about how the power dynamic has shifted to the worker, though; I think no matter how many people quit their terrible jobs, small-minded middle managers will still be on power trips, and evil millionaire corporate overlords will still mercilessly exploit their “human resources”. Nobody is ever going to actually change the system, or even admit that it needs changing, certainly not because of a social media trend.

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I really feel you keep reading way too much into Adam’s mood.


shrug I just notice his speaking volume and tone of voice are different. Christopher is more consistently high-energy and enthusiastic, while Adam often seems tired and low-key. Possibly related to Adam having a kid, or to his being the job which seems more like “work” from most people’s perspective (not saying that what Christopher does isn’t sometimes hard, but a lot of his piece of the work seems more, let’s say, calculated to appeal to an extrovert, which he is).

Adam is a naturally low-energy person, in general. He will often inject additional energy for the podcast recording, but sometimes we get him in a more natural (low-energy) state. :slight_smile:


In other news, after reading two of my letters in a row back when I started writing them, I haven’t had a letter “paged” again until this week (they’re all under various pseudonyms, not for any nefarious reason, but just because my creativity is constantly driving me to do a different “bit” with every letter). Not to toot my own horn, but I was proud enough of this latest letter that I had been kind of hurt by the thought of it not getting read, and had stopped submitting more questions for a while, except for re-submitting this one a second time to make sure it had been received, figuring that if it still didn’t show up, I could just give up entirely. But not only did they finally read the original letter, they also touched off an extensive discussion of their backlog.

So now I don’t feel ignored anymore, but I still wonder if it’s a good idea for me to write in any more questions, since it would only be adding to what it already clearly a severe backlog. (I do rather wish they’d quit with the “we’re not ready to talk about that yet”; teasing for future products only remains a valid marketing strategy for so long, before it just becomes a situation where disruptions to your business product are likely to derail those plans, and then all the teasing you did ends up being just a cause of things falling through the cracks and never actually being discussed.)

A thought I’ve had, which I would kind of loosely poll the community on: if I have a question which seems unlikely to get answered on the Letters Page (such as a fairly basic question about Haka’s personality which occurred to me years too late to appear in Haka’s episode, and thus might never get answered again unless they happen to do a Haka-focused Writer’s Room which touches on this particular personality facet), should I make a thread on these forums to post those questions and at least get the community’s opinion, if I can’t get a definitive answer from C&A?

Never say “never.”

There’s still Editor’s Notes in which they answer all sorts of questions. And even if they do a Haka Writers’ Room that doesn’t touch on that personality trait, I wouldn’t say it’s a longshot that it’ll get answered. But, if you want to pose it to us, I’d say go ahead.

I would say the same. I got some Oblivaeon questions in rather late, and it took a while for them to read it. Of course, part of my list of questions were probably spoiler territory, and haven’t yet been read, so…

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