Episode 194 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: America’s Finest Legacy #214

This is based off the prompt for a Mr Jitters story.

I was very confused by the show notes, like, why is someone covering a piece Jean-Marc wrote? That’s awesome? And then I remembered how to read.

Mr. Jitters is so weird. He seems like such a goofy, gimmicky character, but he’s a serious-pants villain!

Why do I feel like the NERO is something that could eventually gain sentience, create a robot body for itself, and then wreak havoc across Megalopolis? :smiley:

That conversation about arachnophobia was great. I’ve always identified with Adam on that level, though I, too, have become less afraid of spiders as I’ve gotten older. I’ve decided jumpers are actually okay, for one, so I’ve got that over on him!

Love that AU Wraith story. And remember, it could totally become canon if enough people vote for it on the Patreon…

Does anyone else think that Glueweaver is probably the animal-verse skinwalker? If the animal GM wasn’t a horse before, it is now!


The animal verse one is Gloombeaver and we even have fan art

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Gloombeaver gets stuck in a dead horse for the Skinwalker event, and becomes… Glueweaver!

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Glueweaver and Cult of Glue deserve their own verse and not take up the Animalverse


But then the dead horse and glue jokes wouldn’t fit.

Cult of Glue vs. Cult of GRUUM!!! The Disparation you didn’t know you needed and no one asked for!

Then let’s not beat a dead horse here. :neutral_face:
(I’ll show myself out.)


So, we have Josh the Jitters and Josh the Valient, coincidence? I think not.

If you are a Josh with emotion or idea-based powers you might be a candidate for the Joshua Core. Similar to, but legally distinct from the Matt Force.


I think you’re picking some low-hanging fruit off the Joshua tree there, Sea-Envy…

Okay, enough silliness, I have a serious comment. The decision to name Mr. Jitters as Doctor Jennings made me think of one of my all-time favorite obscure horror stories, a Hall of Fantasy Old-Time Radio episode named “The Beast With Red Eyes” (not to be confused with the much-more-easily-Googleable creepypasta, “The Beast With Glowing Red Eyes”, which might or might not have been inspired by it). Based on the short story “Green Tea” by Josef Sheridan Le Fanu (more famously the inventor of the modern conception of the Vampire, in his novel “Carmilla”), “Red Eyes” is about the occult detective Doctor Martin Hesselius trying to help a young aristocrat named Richard Jennings, who is haunted by a specter that tries to drive him to madness. The titular Beast appears as a small monkey that chitters inhuman sounds at Jennings, but he understands them as English commands, and is constantly on the verge of murdering his ladyfriends at the beast’s insistence, managing not to kill anyone else but eventually killing himself, after which the Beast begins haunting Hesselius instead. I can’t help but see a parallel between Mister Jitters and the Beast, and while the story we got is about Legacy having no idea that he’s turned a redeemed villain back into his monstrous alter ego, I’d have liked to see a Disparation version in which Legacy plays the Doctor Hesselius role instead, knowing what’s happening and simply being unable to prevent it.

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