Episode 204 of the Letters Page: Sentinels of the Multiverse: Definitive Edition!

All your DE questions lore and mechanics wise right here


Adam in there with the “nice”. Nice.

Definitive episode joke aside, if they at least did one big episode per release, that’s probably a good idea.

Is it just me, or is that “arcane suit” from Ironclad Maintenance Bay the Golem Bunker from one of the Disparation Freedom Fives?

Oh boy, Definitive fireside chats to look forward to!

I like how they answered my question of, “Gee, did Adam have to make any new art because a card got cut or changed?” literally while I was thinking it.

“Made for Suffering” is a great name for an Absolute Zero variant, just sayin’. :V

Christopher’s definition of puns is 100% correct.

I’m so glad everyone’s just asking about what’s on the card art.

Smoke grenades are, used to, uh, smoke people out, Adam… c.c;;

“I would like to emphasize how much we are not cops.” Hmm, sounds like something a cop would say! :V

The Pickwick Papers. Mm. Yes. Of course.

Petition for Track Suit Fanatic variant in a future expansion. :V

Absolutely tickled by RCR funding in under an hour. :slight_smile: What an exciting day it’s been.


As much as I enjoyed this episode, I sure wish they discussed rules more… But I also understand why they didn’t want to do that in this one.

Definitely want some Definitive Fireside Chats!

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While my only DE question was a rules one, I think I get why they wouldn’t. That’s more a FAQ session or page. I could see it if Christopher has to do a solo episode (or with a non-Adam person) while Adam is in the art mines, but they bring up a good point about Adam not being as involved in the mechanics side of things.


I want to note for the record that I have no problem with the new Raptor Bot look. I mean, I’m sure Adam could have made each Raptor Bot card have different art, but that would have its own issues. Besides, having the real-ish looking dino with the name “Mr Chomps” amuses me.

I’m really hoping that they’ll do more art with Raptor Bot in it that is in a different style…

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No, you got it wrong if you ask them if they are a cop, they have to tell you or else it’s entrapment.

Shadowrun in-character lore bits mention that dumb crooks in the mid 2070’s still believe that silly myth


That surprised me too; the reason I started my letter the way I did is because I assumed everybody else was going to ask mechanics-related questions. >_>

At least to me they gave the impression in the prior Editor’s note to ask game mechanics stuff too.

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