Episode 207 of the Letters Page: Sky-Scraper Foes

“You have to be real angry to hate Sky-Scraper.”


And for my usual commentary…

Fart jokes are funny and maturity is overrated.

Oh yay, more about Tantrum! :smiley:

I’m 40, and I would definitely be okay looking like Cable. <.<

So that’s an interesting question, and I hope someone can come up with the list of mini-Nemeses we don’t have a lot of info on? I mean, Tantrum would have been first on my list at least, and we’ve got some info on all of them from the Nemeses episode, but what about the others? Who do we want to hear more about first?

If they don’t call this guy Bloodhair, I will be very upset…

Okay, Shredd’s pretty cool, upset redacted.

Huh, Christopher’s missing a toe? :open_mouth:

This booping discussion is easily top five weirdest things to appear on this podcast, and that is saying something.

“That’s not marry or the other thing!” Well said, Adam. XD

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One word: Calypso.

Equity and Professor Pollution are close seconds for me.

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Christopher and Paul trying to figure out what’s in Mad Bomber Blade’s tank is still my top weird/funny thing.

That said, I completely agree with most of the boop the snoot discussion. Though I think Setback would, when falling, land on TOP of Plague Rat, and accidently boop when trying to get up.

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I’ll second Equity along with Heartbreaker as part of an (Un)happy Hour at the Wretched Hive story. :beers:

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I’d like to get a bit more on the Seer. He’s been appearing in a lot of stories recently, as a common foe for not only Fanatic but Nightmist as well. We know he seeks magical power and has a connection to the Host, but given how common he seems to be it’d be nice to see if he has other motivations, unique attacks or talents, etc.

Definitely agreeing with Equity. He’s clearly important enough to become a main hero in the Inversiverse, so it’d be nice to learn more about the main version.

I’m only about two thirds into the episode but I already have comments:

Glad they did some more on Tantrum. I admit I’ve always had a soft spot for characters that are older than they look because of the pure comedy potential. Both of the “Gets very mad when their age is mistaken” way and the “Screwing with people for the lols” way.

You know who might really enjoy Roller Derby? Haka. That’s my theory, at least.

You know, the fixed point discussion makes me wonder: Assuming the Sentinels world follows Hitler’s Time Travel Exemption Act, would that make the existence of a Hitler equivalent a fixed point? Of course, this only works if it follows the version of that act where you just straight up can’t kill Hitler and not the versions where you can kill Hitler and killing him either makes things worse somehow or causes a temporal paradox.

Edit: Also, a comment from I think last episode that I forgot to make: I totally thought Dr. B’s name was spelled Dr. Bee. Then again, its possible I’m misremembering what happened in that episode.


Ooh, I can definitely go for more Calypso. I was thinking Man-Grove myself, but Heartbreaker is also a good choice.

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The latter part sounds like Stephen King’s 11/22/63, where trying to prevent JFK’s assassination just leads to a whole mess. What I took from their discussion in this episode is you can try to mess with a fixed point, but you’re just going to end up branching off another reality where there’s a replacement version of that point. Seems like attempting to do so would also aggravate the Singular Entity of Time and probably Faultless when it was still the S.E. of Order.

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I have now finished the episode and first “That’s not marry or the other thing.” is one of the most hilarious things Adam’s said.

Second: Baron Blade x Legacy. Thanks, I hate it.

Oh, also I’d like to third learning more about Equity and Heartbreaker and their plans to kill the Sentinels Multiverse (did that ever pan out?).


We got a mechanics question! Not a question I had myself, but yay! I would very much like some mechanics questions thrown in every once in a while like this…

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You know, the fixed point discussion makes me wonder: Assuming the Sentinels world follows Hitler’s Time Travel Exemption Act, would that make the existence of a Hitler equivalent a fixed point?

I suspect the fate of Hitler isn’t a fixed point- after all, Disparation almost certainly did an early story in the HitlerWonWorldWarTwoniverse.

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