Episode 209 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Justice Comics #503

A story about the Blue Bomber I mean friendly iteration of the a rampaging robot.

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So would that be a Machinus ex Machina? I never really learned Latin. :B

Never really considered that there would have to be two different Omnitrons-X. I can’t remember if they’ve discussed this before, but it’s one of those small details I’m apt to forget.

I don’t get the “any Parsons” joke, I suspect that’s a Real Comics reference? c.c

Ah yes, as my friend likes to say, just because it happened doesn’t mean it’s possible. :3

The sheer disgust at “pages of word bubbles”. XD

Sudden ridiculous backstory for the Time-Crazed Prisoner is one of those things you just end up being here for without ever knowing it was going to happen, C&A included. :smiley:

“Am I a person or am I a toaster? Those are the only two options.” Or you can be SCP-426 and be both!

Yaknow, in all seriousness, this question of the difference between thinking one can experience love and actually loving is something I have actually struggled with in regards to myself? I am no better than this robot, let Omnitron love! (Christopher really flexing the philosophical muscles here.)

Hope that cover shows up today! :B


Flexible robotic arms are generally referred to as “Waldoes”.


Cover art posted.

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I was thinking of Muerto, but on further consideration he’s less person and more ghost.

:notes: There’s haunted bread in your neighborhood - who ya gonna call? Ghost Toaster!


This episode definitely made my day! And it was already pretty good to begin with!

I kind of want to point at this to C&A and say, “more of this, please!”

More of what, them reading your letters? Good luck, buddy…

Nah, that was just a pleasant surprise. They don’t owe me anything in terms of reading what I send in.

I just love hearing their over-the-top stories like this! Especially when they get as passionate and excited as they clearly were during this. And when they draw new connections to things never before explained! We’re living in exciting times for Sentinels Comics.


Interesting. I didn’t find this episode particularly engaging at all; while it was interesting that they had left the TCP as a blank this whole time and finally filled him in, I didn’t really love the result, and otherwise it felt very much like they were trying to figure out how to do more with a character that simply wasn’t allowed to do very much in the canon. Last week’s episode was light-years better IMO; this one was just “an episode” to me, not bad certainly, but nothing special either.

from this I see where they could go with Omnitron X variants-
First appearance- “I have come to Singularity to perform a heroic sacrifice”
Base- “A battle with free Radical left me in this timeline no longer moving towards Singularity”
“Pop In” - “I am moving back toward Singularity, but there is so much I could do before then. (I do not want to die)”
Omnitron-U- “Devra, I am your friend”

We have been told that Haunted Fanatic has an incap action that lets her reset as a different variant what if Omnitron X does that too?
First Appearance Omnitron X died in his 2nd comic and then we get the latter/earlier “real” character of Omnitron X

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So the question of souls is back! And you know what, my opinion on the matter has changed since last time!
I still think that Omnitron-X is a person as soon as they appear in comics. Robot or not, their personhood is not in doubt. In the real world, or a world where the only fantastic element was robots, that would be enough for me to say that Omni-X has as much of a soul as I do.
Thanks to our new Æternus-powered superhero and their story, we know that souls in the multiverse have a certain amount of metaphysical weight to them, and that they help one to connect with others emotionally. We also know that humans have them, and demons don’t. We don’t know where they come from or why.
On that basis, I’d say that Omnitron-X definitely does not have a soul at any point. They have an empathy chip which helps them to feel for other brings, but I don’t think that’s quite the same. On balance, I’d probably say Omnitron-U doesn’t either - but I do think it’s more fun if it does, either having one at its rebirth, or developing one over time somehow. Purely for the idea of a story in which magic stuff happens and Soul Power is important, everyone assumes Omni-U can’t help (because they know they don’t have one), and then in the pivotal moment it turns out they have one after all! And suddenly everyone is questioning everything they thought they knew about how souls work!

(Also I love the idea of Omni-X and Unity doing a Groundhog Day plot - it’s a great trope and they would be very fun with it. My only problem is, I don’t know what villain they’d be facing, who would somehow incite the time loop!)


Wager Master?


Better call Black Fist! He’s the resident expert on soul power! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As far as the Groundhog Day story, ¿Por qué no La Capitán? She’s pretty good at screwing up time. It’s definitely one I want to hear, even though the holiday falls on a Thursday next year (not recording or release day). Maybe the Discord folks will bring it back up.


I don’t think there even needs to be a villain. It could easily be Unity “fixing” Omnitron’s Chronal Doohickey, and repeats occur.


One thing I find very interesting about the Groundhog idea is that C&A couldn’t agree on which one remembers the loop, and my answer is that it’s most interesting if it’s one of them, THEN the other.

There’s an episode of Star Trek Voyager where the ship gets temporally messed up, and First Officer Chakotay is the only one who has a device that lets him pass from one of the time-displaced areas to another; he has one other such device that he can bestow on someone, and he picks the version of Captain Janeway from the past, so most of the episode is him telling her all about what’s been happening on the ship for the past seven years. She’s the one in command, yet he’s the one who has the experience and understanding to explain things to her; I really like that energy. If Chakotay had been taken out halfway through the episode, and Past-Janeway now had to recruit Past-Chakotay to complete the same mission that Future-Chakotay had set her on, which she is now the expert on and has to explain it to Past-Chakotay…that’s the kind of a story I’m envisioning here.

The only problem is that it makes the most sense from a technology standpoint to start with Unity in the loop, because she was repairing the chrono-module and it bathed her in chronotons, so she remembers the loop up until she finally installs it in O-X, whereupon it begins remembering the loop and she no longer does. But that inverts the Janeway/Chakotay dynamic, because Unity is clearly the “boss” of O-X; in order to have the same dynamic, it would have to be O-X who initially starts looping before transferring it to her, and in that case I don’t quite know how to technobabble the scenario.

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What a fun episode. I was not expecting the Free Radical, and now I’m wondering if he’s around in the RPG era. Was he still in the Block when it went walkabout, and if so, did that restore his abilities?

I definitely did not remember that, and it completely threw me. Somehow, I thought that Omnitron-X’s self-destruct in Singularity was what destroyed its ability to move through time, and that the robot itself survived that event to become a regular.

That would be neat! It would take some work to make it both balanced and interesting, but it would be cool. Something where people get rid of Item or Golem cards in order to flip it to Omnitron-U?


I’d say the main reason Haunted Fanatic has an incap ability like that is because she’s got such low health and the reason she does is because she does more with various cards when at low health. While I wouldn’t say it’s out of the question, without knowing for sure how the Omnitron X deck works it may make sense to do.


Yeah, I definitely thought the Omnitron-X plot was similar to Visionary’s - come back in time to save the world, then staying here and maintaining the fight. This episode made it sound more like Chrono-Ranger, and I didn’t think Omni’s powers worked that way! I’ve sent in a question about it, so hopefully we’ll find out if this is a retcon, a mistake, or what.

Given how familiar this sounds, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was at least implied by the early OX lore, and they figured out exactly what happened later on.

I don’t remember if it was in the Omnitron episode or a later Editor’s Note or something, but I do remember them mentioning there was a difference between Visionary and Omni-X using time travel. Visionary does it once and then never again, while Omni-X uses small amounts of time manipulation regularly, which is why he has the card “Slip Through Time” in his deck but Visionary doesn’t have a similar card.