Episode 212 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: America’s Newest Legacy #521

Looks like Felicia, Lillian and Devra hit the town


It’s often heartening to know even Christopher and Adam can’t always keep all this stuff straight. Mostly because they’re now keeping track of it all so they don’t have to.

The manic glee with which they approach college and high school puns and references is frankly, at times, terrifying.

Missed an opportunity to name her Ada Nabet. :V

Pony Keg is the Critical Role/MLP crossover no one needs.

Ah, so it’s all Demoncat’s fault. Good to know.

Writer’s Room: Harpy vs. villains who control various flightless birds and/or dinosaurs.

Show notes weren’t kidding, this was a mess!

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Get yourself someone that looks at you the way Unity looks at The Harpy!

Also, looking forward to seeing a panel or two from this issue in Young Legacy’s art…


I am now very much hoping that we get an upcoming team game in which Sergeant Steel starts with the Sniper in play that’s just called “Sniper No Sniping!”


I love the dynamic between the three. Especially when the actual fight breaks out, and Felicia has to hold Devra back from making something that would cause too much collateral damage (despite the former being a flying brick-type).

So the Young Legacy Bot is a reskinned Platform Bot? Could also see the Harpy Bot being like Cryo Bot but with a different damage type.


Harpy visits Haka in New Zealand, where the Dastardly Dodo has unleashed his fearsome ground army of emus, cassowaries, and kiwis!


Finished the episode. Here are my thoughts:

Agent Dora still does the Fourth Wall thing but she teaches about secret agent techniques instead.

Seems like this episode will be very important to my research on how to survive in college.

Don’t worry Bee Bot, you may not be important in comics but you’re important in my heart.

This episode made me realize that I don’t know nearly enough about Hugin and Mughnin (definitely spelling those wrong).

Is it me or is the Sentinels fandom (me included) kind of obsessed with alliteration?

Wait, do we know why Sky- Scraper changes her name in-universe in the RPG timeline?

All in all a good episode with a good story.


It’s not just you, and not just Sentinel Comics fans either. Think of all the character names from the big two real life publishers - Guy Gardner, Lois Lane, Stephen Strange, Peter Parker, J. Jonah Jameson just to name a few!


I know I am!

I don’t think so, no. I believe they’ve only said that she did, not why she did.

Stan Lee was famous for this. More examples: Betty Brant, Bruce Banner, Reed Richards, Sue Storm, J’onn J’onzz, Lex Luther.


While they haven’t said, this episode made me realise that both K.N.Y.F.E. and Sky-Scraper are names that were given by their enemies- Paige got given the codename by FILTER, and Portia was given the title from Kaargra. So it reasonable to assume that they BOTH renamed themselves to get away from their past