Episode 241 of the Letters Page: Creative Process: The Naturalist & Akash’Thriya Foes

No would ever expect team nature to have any foes.


I like Christopher saying, “Oh, bleep that” like he is trying not to swear.

Captain Planet reference. :smiley:

So what I’m hearing from them is that… nothing hurts the Blorp?

Okay, but is he a Jeffrey or a Geoffrey?

Honestly, I’m happy to see another mindless monster villain. :slight_smile: Not too many of those in Sentinels.

“You got Void in my Earth!” “You got Earth in my Void!” “…Mmm!”

I’m sorry, Mister and Miss Abyss? Have we heard these names before? The heck??

Oh, wow, I definitely forgot about Fahrenheit X. Reality following art, there.

Going from “The Prospector” to “Prospect”, that’s fantastic!

And then I kind of spent an hour being distracted by Disparation talk and definitely didn’t hear all the letters. :B

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I was thinking of an Akash foe, some kind of organization opposing her, but A&C brought up a good point that such a thing would have been an Argent Adept thing, first. I was thinking of something like the Hunters from Gargoyles, a secret group/family that carries a grudge for almost a thousand years, that the heroes were largely unaware of.

I will admit that when I heard C&A be all “The Prospector sounds kinda silly” my brain was like “I see somebody’s never played Inscryption.”


Must be friends with Busybody. :man_shrugging:t2::grey_question:

Speaking of reusing names, I stumbled upon another instance as a result of the Ashen Heir’s reveal in the Definitive Edition: Disparation video. She was named way back in Episode 67, May 2018. Her teammate on that version of the Freedom Five is Apex! No, not that Apex - this was the heroic Moris Dugal (a.k.a. main universe Bugbear). Apex the Wolf-King wasn’t named til Episode 159, November 2020.

Insert Comic Book Guy image here


I know there is an episode where they get asked about reusing the Apex name but I can’t find the answer offhand.


There are so many things I don’t remember. For example, Tengu coming up in this episode and today’s Disparation update with Chrono-Ranger made me rediscover the time he went to feudal Japan. That could be one his variants from a “wilder tale”. Not sure if the alt-reality character might be The Chronoist or Wind-Walker.

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