Episode 242 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Mystery Comics Vol. 2 #350

The prompt was Rambler vs Spite which apparently takes place in Aetrunus based off the cover


Oh boy, experimental cooking! :smiley: We know things always go well when Christopher and Adam start talking about cooking!

Really loving the pitch of “Spite has a good time in Aeternus, and Aeternus is like, ‘can someone please get this guy out of here?’”

I’m glad we’re getting a story they didn’t already come up with off the air. There’s a lot more back and forth, and while that muddies the flow somewhat, we’re also getting way more details. This one’s gooood.

“I thought you all liked torment down here.” “But mom said it’s my turn to torment!”

Also, we’re getting to know so much more about Rambler! What he’s like when he’s not doing this thing, and then also the thing that he does, which is way cool, holy crap. :smiley:

And, weirdly, we’re getting to learn more about Spite? I’ve always considered him to just be a sadistic killer and/or mindless monster, but he’s actually got some character? Fascinating.

Love how the name Matthew will forever be cursed in this fandom. XD


“Embrace the supernatural, and by that I mean the TV show.” Laughed out loud at that.

I do love the “No, you’ll wait for the end of my set” bit.

Spite in Aeternus has a definite D&D Blood War vibe, why demons and devils do NOT get along…

Also reminded of that bit about resurrection, about it being a horrible time, and Spite’s into horrible times.


I don’t have a lot to say about the plot of the episode (other than the obvious fact that Spite fighting a hell’s-worth of demons sounds EXTREMELY metal), but as far as the goth merch question:
Those little heart necklaces where you and your BFF each wear one half of the heart, except the heart is made up of two black wings. Romantic and sappy and gothic all at once!


Makes me think of the digital game interaction if Harpy leads vs Matriarch. “Oh Lillian, what did Poe ever do to you?”


This was a fun episode! I wish we got more of a play-by-play of the actual fight, but the conclusion is still pretty cool: Rambler using other-worldly entities as human shields that still fail to stand up to Spite is amazing.

I wonder what the mind/entity of Aeternus thinks of this event. I would love to see some art of a hypothetical Spite: Agent of Torment, even if the story would never happen.