Episode 242 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Tome of the Bizarre Vol.2 #214

The Letters Page: Episode #243 - Tome of the Bizarre Vol. 2 #214 (libsyn.com)


All I know is we’d better get a Haka Bunyan variant in DE. D:<

Off to a strong start, this one. :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s who Grimm is! I was looking through RCR environment flavor text recently and going, “Okay, I want an entire LP episode about that card!” for basically every card.


…FAIRY FANATIC??? So many variant ideas!

All of these theoris behind Grimm’s origin are fantastic, I agree they and more appear in the pages.

All right, we’re finally digging into the Rat With Gun lore. :smiley:

…“Not an actual character”? “A lie”? On the Letters Page? Say it ain’t so! D:

Oh, whew, they didn’t let me down! :'D

I definitely want this Captain Cosmic vs. Wager Master story.

Hm, must be Silver Age Captain Cosmic.

“But is she a fox?” Christopher with the deep, important questions.

And for anyone interested, I found out which episode of The Twilight Zone features a character speaking to the narrator: A World of His Own - Wikipedia


I want to see that variant. Not Tinkerbell style, but full on Sidhe Fanatic, with her wings in some kind of insect shape (dragonfly or butterfly), bleached white hair, and organic-looking armor. And this wouldn’t be too far off from her concept, given how a lot of Celtic myths live on in heavily Catholic Ireland (Ireland WILL NOT pave over fairy rings… it’s the law).

I would rather see Captain Cosmic vs the Fay Court, not because Wager Master wouldn’t be funny, but because Wager Master would be more… odd. Yes, antics would be had, but I like the idea of legal dramas in speculative fiction settings (has anyone else read the Paul Sinclair books by John Hemry?).


Captain Cosmic vs. Fey Court = To Kill a Mockingbird
Captain Cosmic vs. Wager Master = My Cousin Vinny


Was thinking more Night Court for Wager Master. Either the original or the reboot.
Fey Court… Bull, maybe?

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Captain Cosmic: “Your Honor, May I have permission to treat Miss Fanatic as a hostile witness?”

Fanatic: “You think I’m hostile now, wait ‘til you see me tonight.”


“But is The Wraith a fox?”


Do I remember correctly Adam saying before that The Wraith’s art was loosely based on his wife? I know they’ve done such thing (case in point two extremely handsome and successful Citizens), but I don’t recall which characters correspond to which real-life person.

The Visionary is named after Adam’s wife, but I don’t recall anything about appearances.

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I don’t think they ever mentioned basing character appearances on real people outside of the KS backer characters, Rockstar, and the two best Citizens.

It’s mostly just been names that were used, IIRC (and the RL Pete lent his voice to Sentinels of Freedom Setback in Chapter 2 and Anthony Badell did the Perform sound in digital Sentinels).


I know it at least came up in the most recent Editor’s Note, because someone asked why Citizen Assault is black now. They said he was in EE too but the art makes the skin tone hard to distinguish. He’s apparently based on a real friend who’s black according to them. How close the appearance is I don’t know.

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There are a lot of others in the art they haven’t talked about publicly, but I’ll add that Maia is named after Paul’s wife.


Maybe that’s what I was remembering then, names being repurposed. Nice new avatar btw, while we’re on the topic of art imitating life.