Episode 246 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Freedom Five #445-447

The Citizen Dawn event from the DE core box

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Corrected art for 446 available via Adam’s Twitter account.

I’ve updated my post with the corrected cover

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Not to be negative toward other members of the community, but I really don’t get the “would X qualify as a Citizen” questions. It was clear from Dawn’s original episode that she’s… not all there, shall we say, and “because I say so” and “because I felt like it” are the big rules for the Citizens. Much as she’s a Magneto expy, she does not have Eric’s sympathetic qualities that occasionally have him working on the side of angels. The comparison to Marvel also doesn’t work because there aren’t a lot of anti-super organizations that there are in X-Men (insert rant about how X-Men shouldn’t be in the MCU because their message doesn’t get through when other supers are around).

On another subject, I’ll have to write in about this, because now I’m curious. What would happen if the Vandals and Helfyre were to meet up? Besides epic and hilarious shenanigans.

I’m so glad we got Adam to say amogus on air. :smiley:

See, Gumbo can’t join the Citizens of the Sun because he’s too good! They only want mean, nasty werewolveses, precious!

I guess you could say Grimm rejects reality and substitutes his own.

Aw dang, just when I’m thinking it’s time to start asking if Grimm is singular, Christopher has to go and read my mind and shut that down. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sentinels+? Sounds like they’re moving beyond comic books, wow.

I’m not sure which ending of the Grimm/Guise fight I like more. :smiley:

I always figured the difference between them is that Guise actually knows he’s in a comic book, whereas Grimm just knows he’s in a story and not necessarily the medium thereof.

Ooh, musical sting! :smiley:

What the hell was that ending? XD

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I kinda hope we can get both… :grin:

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Just going to paint a picture with a few words:





he’s gonna look more like Muerto :slight_smile:

Man, there goes my idea of a Lord of the Rings-themed Grimm episode. At least until the comics catch up to 2044.

They also shot down my notion that the alien artifact was Thorathian. It lands and suddenly all the Citizens are teamed up in themed pairs of two? Coincidence? (Except for the Vandals, but those guys are freaks.)

I’n surprised only one card (Return with the Dawn) is from these issues. And wow, Hammer and Anvil predate all the other theme-named Citizens by a lot.

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Mechanically, the whole “immune to the damage type they deal” is tied to the genebound so it’s surprising the artifact is not related to the Thorathians.

If this is a teaser for an upcoming villain, like Akash’Mecha to Terrorform, can’t wait to see more.


Hm… that’s a good point, too… they did say that it wasn’t something specific Thorathian, IIRC, but it might be another Thorathian thing. A connection to Gene Doctor Kronz perhaps?

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Honestly, I thought the cover made it look more like a Tribunal thing.

I have no great reasoning behind it, but I still think Glamour is involved.

(Asked a question about a year ago, and it wasn’t answered.)

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Not for nothing, but I’m hoping that the team villain stuff in DE just has Glamour (perhaps with a fake Ambuscade minion) as a full deck…

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I was going to suggest that the character card’s front side could be Ambuscade, while the back is Glamour, but then I remembered that the backs of team villains are just incapacitated sides. : (

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Could do things with foil lettering for a hidden message thing. Glambuscade

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That was excellent timing on the Enclave music!

The “Dr. Pepper’s Monster” bit in the outtro, followed by Adam waiting a good several seconds before laughing, really got me going.

@OddballPaladin Yeah, I think I agree with you. The thing to remember about Citizen Dawn is that she’s (1) a supremacist and (2) an authoritarian. She’s not abiding by any kind of rule of law here, and her prime motivation is the idea that powered people are superior. So, she’ll bend or break any principle in service of her own whims and biases.

And here I thought they’d take a third path: Grimm puts Guise into a story, Guise decides he likes this story and being in it – even with knowledge of the story through fourth wall shenanigans – and Guise leans in to his story role so hard that Grimm is the one who walks away!


Also, for the question of having Grimm host an episode of the podcast and the work required for that, maybe that could be the special feature for Episode 300?

Doing the math, if nothing changes severely, I think Episode 300 will be in August 2024, a month after the projected delivery date for Disparation. So people should’ve had a chance to play against Grimm by then and learn more about him; it seems like a good time for it.

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“Stop enjoying yourself, you weirdo! You’re ruining it for me.” - Grimm
“Aw come on, I want my Happily Ever After. We could do a sequel. No, a whole franchise. With merch! You’ve always wanted your own action figure, haven’t you Grimmy?” - Guise
“That’s it, I’m out!” - Grimm