Episode 248 of the Letters Page: Creative Process: Lifeline Supporting Cast

Let’s find Tarogath some friends

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Not a lot of new characters this week, but a fair amount of new detail on existing characters! In particular I thought it was interesting to hear about Phrentat being this tear-it-all-down ball of carefully-concealed rage. What I think is really interesting about that is…well, I don’t know how long he’s been in the Enclave, but let’s assume it’s been at least a couple of lifetimes. That’s a long time to hold onto anger! Probably helps that he’s concealing it, only letting it out in little trickles when he pushes Tarogath towards being Deadline. Still, though, what a twisted guy.
What I’m saying is, there’s potentially a Disparation story where he led his people to victory in defending against the Thorathians, and then their retaliation got WAY out of hand, and he ended up as this universe-threatening villain.

Also, I know the concept of the Enclave is sad to start with, but wow it sounds super sad now. Not only are you the last of your species, and the only people you socialise with are people who’ve gone through that same degree of loss, but your ‘home’ in the Enclave is full of reminders of what was lost. Devastating.


Right? I mean, there’s a reason I actually don’t like Superman when they do the “last Kryponian” thing, and like it more when there are others bouncing around like Power Girl and Zod, because it’s far less depressing.

As for the ep… I wasn’t expecting much, given how late the dude appears. I’d be very interesting to hear what Akash’Thryia thought of him, if he was so close to the Naturalist.

And as for the start… I’m with Christopher on not wanting to eat certain animals. Not lobsters, because they’re still basically sea cockroaches, but octopuses, dolphins, elephants… They’re too close to being people (look up how elephants treat their dead… or when they encounter bones of other elephants outside their herd).


wow, not even a minute in and they’ve already ruined it XD

If lobsters are so smart, that means we can consume them and add their intelligence to our own!

I would eat humans who are jerks. <_< And that is the reason I wouldn’t.

I’m pretty sure if it was cooked through, Butter and Garlic SCRPG would be just fine. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gruum as the devil on your shoulder XD Tarogath is such a tragic, serious character, and yet he always ends up a locus for comedy on this show.

If nothing else, this episode’s totally worth it for getting more insight into Endling personalities. I never read them all the way C&A are describing them.

After making Aeon Girl, he went to the store to buy cigarettes.

Orbo has a dread malevolence, which some people apparently find alluring!

The alien could be named Brian, but spelled wrong!

So he’s a Scooter song!

Lusithar: “Do I look like someone who dies?


The Principle of Hannibal Lecter. “Whenever possible, one should always try to eat the rude.”

Deadline? More like Deadbeat, am I right?

Sounds like Tarrogath is both philosophical and also kind of depressed. It would be interesting to put him in a room with Ryan Frost and just see how the conversation progresses. They could end up helping each other out, but maybe equally likely to team up and destroy the planet depending on the circumstances.


I find it interesting that Tarogath was apparently not just a random background Endling, but the most prominent one besides Jansa for like 14 years before he becomes Deadline. It makes me imagine a world where they cut off the timeline for the card game slightly sooner, and we get Tarogath in the Enclave deck.

It kinda exposes a bit of the weirdness putting named characters with histories in environment decks. Tony Taurus and Dr. Tremata still appear in the Rook City deck, even though the former turns evil and kills the latter. So anytime your playing a game in Rook City after that happens, you kinda have to justify it that it’s actually a different cop/forensic investigator. Not really a bad thing, just weird.

There are lots of games you justify how they work out. Matriarch and Harpy in the same game. Fittingly to this topic Deadline and Lifeline facing each other. You can keep going on but a good amount of time there will have to be some justification if you want it to fit storyline in some fashion. Usually that just boils down to this a multiverse. What ends up in decks seems to boil down to how much importance they see in having that character appear in various decks. I could easily see after this episode that they feel it’s fitting to put Tarogath in Enclave of the Endlings for Definitive edition.

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Yeah, but it’s hilarious in the digital version. “What did Poe ever do to you?”

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Chris Burton did a good job with those. An unintentional one that comes off great is Infinitor and VG Writhe


Right. The game is called Sentinels of the Multiverse, not Sentinels of Universe 1. Besides explaining away discrepancies like these by saying that, e.g., that Matriarch has come from an alternate timeline to fight the Harpy, there are an infinity of worlds out there in which, e.g., Tony Taurus and Dr. Tremata never died. Just say that your game is happening in one of them.

Also, robots, clones, illusions, etc. are things that often happen in comics.


Phrentat is actually probably one of the youngest Endlings. He was the last of the Piunites, who were eradicated by Grand Warlord Voss as part of his war of conquest and turned into the Gene-Bound Psy-Weavers.

We don’t know exactly when this happened, but Voss is somewhere close to 200 years old, and he was already a respected adult leader when he was exiled, developed the frost hounds, and then returned to Dok’Thorath and took over. So it’s likely that Phrentat has been an Endling for quite a bit less than a hundred years.


Phrentat could be very old but I’d agree they wouldn’t have been in the Enclave quite as long.

Venox, the Last Mubbloxian, is also from a species that was eradicated by Voss, and so is likely in a similar situation.

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Phrentat and Venox are probably recent arrivals in the Enclave. We have no reason to think that Voss, let alone his minions, are exceptionally long lived. Unless they said in the ep that Phrentat was some sort of immortal criminal who got stuck in a Phantom Zone and thus escaped the annihilation of generations born after him, the Occam’s Razor assumption is that he’s just a random member of his race who happened to escape somehow.

EDIT: Ninjaed by a yeti! Shoulda worn my mountaineer’s goggles.

RIP one of your eardrums. Possibly both of them in fact.


They do a lot of (very unethical) genetic engineering. Looking for ways to mitigate or outright eliminate senescence is usually an early goal for that field of science, if nothing else because achieving it means you have more time to tackle other projects like how to geneer other species into useful slave-soldier forms.

Voss and company don’t have to be potentially unaging, but they’ve got a good excuse for it if they are. Wouldn’t mean they’re particularly old now, of course - but if they were immortal they could show up in the “Sentinel Comics One Million” event just by travelling to the future one day at a time, which might be handy for writers.

That’s a very good point. It would be interesting if Phrentat was older than Lifeline, but Lifeline was a much more experienced Endling. It might explain part of why Lifeline listens to him. And there’s certainly precedent for ‘psychic brain’ species in science fiction to tend to be suspiciously long-lived.