Episode 258 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Tome of the Bizarre Vol 4 #55

Well now he knows her identity


I can say I definitely enjoy this stuff more than half as much as C&A do. :slight_smile:

oh my god, that is too many degrees D:

Okay, who said Adam’s kid was allowed to be four already? D:

Powerful furry women in the forest, you say? Sign me up!

It’s the Great Wolfhunt, Charlie Byron!

My thought coming out of this story now – and Powerhound beat me to it! – is that Lord Wolfhunt knows she’s Tabitha Taft, so how much is that gonna screw her in the future? I think I might write a letter about that.

Oh, it me! :open_mouth: Nevermind on that letter then, I guess! But also, hah! I kinda thought their “no one has any idea who this villain is” intro was off! I mean, we didn’t know anything about him, but we at least knew who he was! In their defense, I can’t remember anything they say either. :B

…So what they’re saying is it’s time for a new letter subplot, huh? :V

I just guessed that off the cover since she didn’t have the domino mask. Clearly he couldn’t tell if she did have it.

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Based on that one question, I’m not imagining a “slice of life” issue with the Edge Twins where they have to go to some kind of formal thing and Akari has to (probably literally) wrestle Zane just to get an actual shirt on.

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C&A mentioned that Lord Wolfhunt III doesn’t appear again in the Multiverse era, so I’m guessing that he doesn’t do anything with her secret in that time, either. As to the future - it depends on whether he stays villainous or comes around, probably.

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I didn’t think to write a letter about this, but I’ve been thinking that Alpha and Apex would be better names for the opposite characters.

The whole idea of alpha wolf/dog among a pack so clearly describes how the villain works. It also definitely is an attitude that the villain character would buy into – it’s hard to imagine him letting any other werewolf claim the name “Alpha.” In his mind, he’s the alpha. (As icing on the cake, that’s not how wolf packs actually work – but as a supremacist villain he would clearly embrace the erroneous idea.)

On the other hand, while neither name really seems to fit with the hero character, I could see “Apex” tying into her lineage – perhaps bestowed by the villain, to show how he was trying to form and perfect his line. But she walks away from his intentions, taking the name with it, and boy, would he hate that.

Thank you for coming to my irrelevant TED talk…


I thought Apex would fit better for an alternate Naturalist, maybe Inverse or Extreme. I don’t recall if we’ve heard about either of those versions. Obviously the animal forms would all be carnivores at the top of the food chain in their respective ecosystems.

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Yeah, we have gotten an alternate Naturalist named Apex, but he’s not Extreme or Inverse, nor is he Michael Conteh—he’s Moris Dugal (known in Universe 1 as Bugbear). He’s from the ¿Quando? Freedom Five universe.


Surely the arch-nemesis of Apex would be Nadir the Anti-Werewolf, whose powers wax as the moon wanes. Canadian lumberjack with a silvered woodsman’s ax and secretly an ovine therianthrope after being bitten in a dipping accident in his youth. Can hulk out into a giant ram-man whenever the full moon isn’t in the sky. Wears a lot of silver jewelry along with his necklace of werewolf fangs. On Apex’s hit list but the rest of the pack won’t go anywhere near him since the incident with Flint and the clipping shears, and Apex hasn’t got the guts to tackle him solo. Not after seeing Nadir’s collection of veterinary tools. :slight_smile:

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Oh, must’ve been my subconscious at work! There have definitely been some recycled names both from within and without Sentinel Comics.

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Pardon me, but Nadir’s nemesis would need to be Zenith especially if we’re to follow Dragon Quest rules. :nerd_face: We’ll allow it this time as long as his human name can be Ralph. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The only DragonQuest I’m familiar with is the SPI TTRPG from roughly the dawn of history, but on general principles a were-sheep really ought to be named O. Vine. Oswald? Otto? Ah, Oscar. Yes, I think Oscar Vine would do.

Of course if he were a flying sheep it would be Harold instead.

I meant the JRPG video games from Enix (later merged with Square of Final Fantasy fame) that are chock-full of pun-based names. Specifically DQ IV - VI, the Zenithian trilogy, where the celestial realm is Zenithia and the underworld is Nadiria.

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Oh, right. Knew that series as Dragon Warrior, but I guess I have seen a few of them. The first one is almost as old as the SPI tabletop RPG, bit IIRC I think I dabbled in VII and VIII back in the day thanks to some housemates owning them. Memories are pretty dim at this point, though.

More of a Parasite Eve and fighting game player back in that era, and the mates were always looking for help with Everquest, which was my solitary exploration of MMOs. Long time ago now.

On the other hand, this is a classic case of a hero getting a name that’s just kind of thematic (Alpha gets named because she’s The Wolf-Woman, and the writers are hyping her up) and then decades later a villain shows up that the name fits better, but it’s way too late, so you give them a different name and hope for the best.


Very true. Trying to change an established character’s name is always fraught with peril, especially if the lawyers get involved. Just ask Lord Smoked Meats & Fishes about that subject. :slight_smile:

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