Episode 259 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Dispartion Vol 2 #108

Must kill all humans


How did “Omnitron Axe” not get suggested? Seriously, with that much rock, the “axe” nickname for guitars was right there.

I also thought of the Crackjaw Crew/Hellfyre right before they did. Would have been interesting if Unity looked a lot like Hellfyre would eventually become, with the RPG era transformation being a call back to Unity. Or maybe because I think Snare looks like a refugee from the Xtreme universe, already.

Also, when they mentioned Unity as the band’s name, my mind went here:

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I’m pretty sure Mountain Dew-flavored Doritos or vice versa have actually happened? Am I crazy?

I had a habanero mango whiskey once, it was awful.

The only thing that would make these jaunts into the VC better would be if we could hear the responses. Although… maybe it’s funnier like this?

RIP Xtreme Wagner Mars Base I guess!

Christopher has chosen his meme references quite well. :smiley:

This is one of the best creation sequences in recent memory. Every change just makes it better! XD

I have decided Omnitron-MAXX! needs to be in all-caps with an extra X. Exclamation point optional.

Okay, I was thinking that ending before the fight was the right call, but it’s worth going through it for that Bat Out of Hell reference. XD

I’m so glad this is the second episode they recorded that day, they wouldn’t have been nearly punchy enough otherwise.

Honestly really into the Omni-fez.

Why does he sound like a Dalek XD

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Haven’t listened yet, but wow, what a cool cover. I love the retrofuturism.

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I think you mean delicious

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You’re probably thinking of DEWitos.

I ended up being the one to put away the bottle over the next several years. c_c

It’s a shame that it was only coincidence that caused me to stop drinking afterward.

Throughout this whole episode, I couldn’t stop thinking about how extremely cool the comic would be - and in particular, what a perfect source it would be for rock and metal AMVs! My first thought was For Those About To Rock, but you could probably do something with Destroy The Orcs, too.


Scooby-Doo! and Kiss: Rock and Roll Mystery - I Was Made For Lovin’ You [HD] - YouTube


Still my favorite Scooby crossover, having displaced the glorious insanity that led to them meeting the Harlem Globetrotters and Sonny and Cher. Love the moment when Velma realizes no, this isn’t just a BS publicity gimmick.

Only thing that could have made that sequence better would be if Jack Kirby had risen from the grave to do the artwork - but the animators were trying their best to emulate him, gods of rock bless 'em. We can’t all be the King. :slight_smile:

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now an actual theory or two…
We know that in the Extreme and Inverse universes a character can have a different name, look, backstory, and powerset or even have traits split between more than one character while still being the same character on a narrative level footnote 1
The lead guitarist of the band Unity sees a dying robot and instantly runs to resurrect it with the power of music. The entire point of a band called Unity is that they do not represent competition or conflict (uncommon in Extreme-iverse) but a shared experience with the audience being as important as the performers. The band immediately joins 'Max" to fight Omni-War and then keep rocking out in space adventures.
The lead guitarist of Unity is Xander Groovitation - Casa Nova

Footnote 1 - The Extreme and Disparate worlds are worlds where Grimm won. Grimm completely changed those 2 worlds changing them all the way back to the dawn of creation following a chosen narrative ideal. Extreme Grimm probably committed suicide to lock in the universal rules of Xtreem, what is more metal than dying for your art? Inverse Grimm would be a gender swap with a Mother goose vibe.

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That was literally running through my head for about 75% of this episode.

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