Episode 260 of the Letters Page: Creative Process: OblivAeon Refugees

Those who got stuck in a sandwich bag

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Christopher’s lack of knowledge of pop culture is a known quantity. I am not surprised that he doesn’t know the difference between the Rescuers and An American Tail (and no shade if you don’t either). But boy is watching him in action a whole different animal, owie ouch.

Only a hundred, and most aren’t powered? Well that’s boring! And like, what’s a ‘normal person’, really? Hedgelord is a normal person in the Xtremiverse! We need more people like him, specifically.

The Xtremiverse should be either Universe 69 or 10 (because it’s X!) The Animalverse should be 200, because that looks like ‘zoo’, and the Plantverse should be 420. Which universe is 666?

Would you trade Rocketfoot for the Rubber Bandit?

Oh boy, now I want a Nadir villain deck that’s a dark mirror of the Sentinels’ deck, a la Iron Legacy. :smiley: Great to see a solid villain who’s a bunch of villains!

Why not just Mister Foxer, c’mon? XD

No, they super should use Stargeant Seal! I am so on their wavelength right now!

I was gonna say Captain Cowsmic, but Clawsmic is even better. :smiley:

Man, I can’t hear this episode over the sound of all the balls they’re dropping. So many opportunities just whooshing past at lightspeed!

I already love Sk9-Blayde.

Oh my god, Fragerach, if you make that Advert hero, his real name has to be something like Adam Vertex. XD

That was surprisingly satisfying. :slight_smile:

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Do NOT take Adam’s advice on Rescuer’s films, he doesn’t have a clue what he’s talking about. The original 1977 film was one of Disney’s biggest successes of the decade, financially, critically, and in terms of fan reception. It’s had two more theatrical releases since, both of them quite profitable, where 1990s Down Under struggled to break even and effectively killed what might have been a franchise. He denigrates it for being part of the Disney Dark Age, where it’s actually directly responsible for the Disney Renaissance in 1989. Rescuers’ success spurred Disney to re-commit to animation and led to a cycle of hiring the new talent that eventually produced Little Mermaid and the rest of that cycle of animated features. No Rescuers? No Renaissance.

It’s not a Golden Age Disney classic, but Rescuers is still a solid kid flick watch and reasonably timeless, if a little bit dark for its day. It’s not even offensive anymore - they edited out the two frames with the topless gal when they did the VHS release and recall in 1992 and finally realized one of their animators was sneaking stuff into the background. Funny what millions of people using the pause button can catch. :slight_smile:

And for what it’s worth, no, Madame Medusa does not deserve love. She’s not only cruel to animals (although her gators get theirs back in the end), she’s also guilty of kidnapping, child trafficking and multiple counts of attempted murder.

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Or number 11 because that’s more extreme than 10.


“These go to eleven!” - Spinal Tap, who are clearly from the Xtremiverse anyway.


Rubber Bandit is already in M&M’s Emerald City sourcebook for M&M. GTG’s done a collab with them on the card game, but I’m not sure they’d be cool with that.

DC Comics used Rubber Bandits as the title for one of their Plastic Man collections as well.

Also reasonably certain I’ve seen the supranym used in some old Golden Age gag comic.

So kind of spoken for.

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There are names used in the game already, like Wraith, so unless it’s carbon copy I don’t think there’s going to be a major issue.

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Carbon Copy sounds like a fantastic name for a hero/villain who can mimic organic material. Now I’m just torn or whether their real name should be a play on Xerox or some kind of doubletalk name like Sirhan Sirhan. I’m sure there are others, but that’s the first real-world example that comes to mind.


I still vote for Captain Pawsmic, and make him an English Bulldog.


It makes sense for the setting, unfortunately.

One of the conceits of Sentinel Comics is that there aren’t a lot of superheroes out there. The Universe 1 era is accompanied by a growth in the number, but the total number of superheroes on Earth is probably still only in the hundreds from how they’ve been described. You don’t want multiversal refugees to make up the majority of them. One or two dozen refugees out of several hundred heroes is probably the right ratio.

If this was somewhere like Marvel, with literally millions of powered individuals, you could drop a thousand refugees in with no real change in the world, but doing it in Sentinel Comics would necessitate a new setting.


The Æternus-verse, wherein Æternus annexed the prime material plane?

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