Episode 261 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Rook City Renegades #100

The death of Sk8blayd

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HIS NAME IS OLLIE??? XD I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!

Few things do I love more than one of them says something dumb, obviously knows it’s dumb, and they’re both just really into it anyway. :smiley:

Razor Racer? Yeah, Adam was right, that’s not as good a name as we came up with during his twitch stream. But it’s not awful! And it kind of sounds like something meant to counter Sk8blayd on his own turf.

“Tell him I loved him!” “I won’t.” That is the best, over-the-top villainous comeback you could possibly ask for, oh my god. XD

“‘Not again?’ What does he mean?!” He’s finally getting interesting and they’re about to kill him off!

God, these two are the perfect people to tell this story. I am loving every word of this episode.

Oh, I get it, Lazer Ryderz is the metaverse tribute to Sk8blayd’s own Bane. XD

This was perfect, best issue ever, it was everything I could have asked for and more. Proof you can introduce a character just to kill him and have it be awesome. A truly radical death for a truly radical hero.

And Trevor once again on point with the XTREEEEEM!!! sound effects. :smiley:


They managed to make it all the way through without mentioning Jason Todd. (It’s implied A LOT…)

Also, the snarky love interest type… when they were talking about the bad guy saying “she hated you” all I could think about was Aliens, and Vasquez’s “You always were an ***hole, Gorman.” Best “it has been an honor” line in fiction, really.


He’s certainly squatting quietly in the room in rather pachydermic fashion, yes.


When Christopher and Adam were talking about future flashbacks to Sk8blayd, all that I could think was "did someone try to create an Extremiverse version of him during the time period where lots of Extremiverse stuff was happening, or was that too on-the-nose?


Before they got to the epilogue of the Wraith taking him down, and further him working for the Organization, my original thought was that Razor Racer would be killed off-screen by the Chairman, for the crime of murdering horses he had the fix on.


Wow, I’m getting so far behind…

I have to say that this was one of the greatest games of “yes, and” that I’ve ever heard. Very entertaining, and they are right, it’s getting the whole arc with all the meta stuff that makes this cool!

Just from the name alone, I…always pictured Sk8-Blayd as, like, a 12 year old. Whoops! Maybe that’s just the stage of life I was in when spelling with numbers like that was cool, and all we knew about him was the name. :laughing:

I can’t be the only one who kept hearing “Ray’s Eraser,” can I? Every! Single! Time!


That would be a terrifying 4th wall breaking villain. Up there with Judge Doom and his dip in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? :slight_smile: