Episode 263 of the Letters Page: Writers' Room: America's Finest Legacy #171 / NightMist #10

Two covers for General Geist


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Nightmist typecast versus skull headed villains? :skull:

Also, 80s Legacy looks pretty rad.

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I tried copying what they had directly initially off the Libsyn page and it was deemed too large by the forums. So I went with the individual images of twitter Adam posted.

Yeah, that’s odd. I copied it directly as well and it just worked.

The idea of a villain being just that good as a villain and foe that they have to be used sparingly is a cool thing. Seeing some parallels to Thrawn of Star Wars (and anyone else who has finished Ahsoka would also see a few more parallels, but… spoilers).

Sentinels doesn’t have many undead types. Gloomweaver uses them, and the Blood Countess and her lot are… odd? Not quite undead but still vampires. But this is Haunted Fanatic level of Outside Context, which is cool

The interactions with Legacy towards the end are fun. “Hey, good to see you!” type, combined with a bit of a Xanatos Gambit where even in defeat by Legacy he gets stronger.

German word for the ages: “Backpfeifengesicht,” a face in need of a fist/punch. Seems appropriate, here.


OH my GOD that COVER :smiley: And I love the character crossover! Adam once again outdoes himself!

Love how last week, they teased us with the idea of Legacy vs. the ghost of George Washington, and now here we are with Legacy fighting Nazi ghosts! :smiley: One less topic I need to submit!

“It’s okay, he’s been destroyed, never to be seen again!” Yeah, just like last time!

“Well… at least it’s everyone.” It is indeed a low bar to clear.

I love how much fun they’re having with this. And how much that fact is causing them anguish. XD

Ooh, Freedom Squadron! What a name, that’s so cool!

This deep dive on Argent Adept’s creation is pretty awesome.

It’s only the second time we’ve really gotten this kind of deep dive (that I recall). The “AZ as Ra-but-ice” is the only other one I can think of, right now. It would be an interesting thing. But I’m fond of that sort of creative process.

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Whomever makes a General Geist deck, be it G>G or fanmade, please do not over look the opportunity for an Ongoing that buffs undead, titled “Wight Supremacy”.


Just wanted to relay a message to this “General Geist” person from Admiral Phantom over here:

Ahoy, landlubber! Before you get too full of yourself, let me remind you that 71% of the planet is covered in water, and that’s going up with every passing year even without my help. You’re welcome to huddle in your patch of forest and zombify all the squirrels you like, but all the world’s oceans are mine when it comes to unquiet dead and don’t you forget it.

So to answer your previous question, no, you may not have your u-boat crews back. By my reckoning anyone who gets on a boat deliberately designed to sink is volunteering for my armada regardless of whose flag they served while they were still breathing.

I’m only 75% of the way through Rebels and not on to Ahsoka yet, but I’ve read the books. To me they seem pretty opposite: Thrawn is focused on duty and the thrill of intellectual challenge, whereas Geist is all about murder and power. Both intelligent fascists, of course, but with very different motivations and styles.


Yeah, there’s that. Like i said… spoilers, but the new version of Thrawn from Rebels and later is… well, he’s leaned a bit more into the later portion of the “Magnificent Bastard” trope, and the C’Baoth analogue is… much, much creepier…

Relistening here while I wait for the next episode to drop tomorrow. I did find it kind of humorous that General Geist is “hecka dead” with apologies for swearing as they start the overview, then about an hour in as they answer the first letter there’s an unbleeped BS :ox::poop: that made it through. Not sure if it slipped under Trevor’s radar or left on purpose. No offense taken on my part. If that word applies to anything Nazi stuff would certainly qualify.

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Yeah I did a double take about that when listening to the episode the first time. Mostly for how utterly casual it was, lol.

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The F word is the only one Trevor always bleeps. In general they don’t swear much and I think that’s why it sticks out more. Honestly in this context I think it’s fine and overall not much of a swear.

I do have to say though, the XTREMEverse swears are my favorite. Not the bleeped ones, but the juxtaposition of explosions and general bad-butt stuff with “Heck yeah, mother hecker!” :boom::metal:t2::guitar::notes::bangbang::zap::eagle:


Oh I’m not offended, I have a bad tendency to swear like a sailor myself when I’m not in “polite company”. But with the usual bleeping/self-censoring going on it was a little bit of a surprise.