Episode 267 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Prime Wardens Vol 2 #29

The post betrayal and hopefully more competent Prime Wardens.


Minor thing, but I feel like it’s better if Haka’s tattoos fade over time because of his regeneration. The act of having to re-apply them periodically would ground him in his identity, rather than having him drift away. Contrast the Scholar’s vibe in a lot of places. Or, for that matter, how certain long-lived villains (Gloomweaver, Biomancer) have lost touch with who they were.

Given the fact his tattoos change in various art I feel like he has to be regardless. I’d say mostly there might be a base to work off of.

So weird that Argent Adept is on two covers in a row, for all that they wouldn’t have been anywhere near each other chronologically speaking.

Glad Christopher lead off with this being a much dumber story. XD Don’t need more caves! At least it was the other leg? Thank goodness for Matt Kroll.

Gonna have to remember to ask Adam for those pictures!

“And then they died, and we’re not kidding?” Wow. :open_mouth: The Prime Wardens are dead now, amazing.

That’s actually a really fucking cool way to get them into a position to tell this story. Both them dying on Dok’Thorath and Fanatic being the reason they go there specifically. :smiley:

As usual, I have to wonder if this is heralding a DE deck. The Egyptian Underworld is a place I’ve wanted to design an environment for myself, but I’d much rather someone else do it! XD

Ooh, weird additions/alterations to the metaverse? Or the meta-metaverse?

I like how far-reaching this episode is getting, that’s unusual. :slight_smile: I’ll happily take an outline of a longer story with as many interesting connections as this one has over a single issue blow-by-blow!

All Crocodiles Go To The Egyptian Underworld

Love that the Ennead comes with built-in R63. :smiley:

This fanfic discussion is pretty interesting.

Clearly, they do need more catchphrases.

Maybe it’s just the fact that I’m a live-in caretaker and have a family full of RNs, CNAs, and orderlies, but… every time Christopher’s cavalier attitude towards medical care shows up on the podcast a part of my soul shrivels, heh.

In the end Christopher obviously can live how he wants, but my PSA to my guy pals out there is if you have a malady or injury that isn’t readily cured by normal OTC methods, please go to your local doctor, clinic, or ER.

It’s one thing if you simply can’t afford it, but please don’t not go because of some mistaken belief it’s not manly or stoic enough or you’ll look “weak”.

Signed, your friendly neighborhood Jeysie.

Also I’m the one who sent in the “Actually Positive, Heroic, and Heartwarming Prime Wardens story”: I was inspired by Fjur but took it further because I wanted a feel-good story darn it, lol.

So I had a good chuckle at that bit, and do approve of the story. :smiley: Also I feel like there continues to be a pattern that it’s specifically “saving Tempest somehow” that inspires a lot of “the team gets together to do something heartwarming” moments. Whether it’s them doing the holiday thing for Tempest, or multiple times they’ve had to actually literally save Tempest.


To be honest, I was a bit surprised. At the start it was explicitly said how they finally had regular Tempest back, and the next thing that happens is that they have to save him again. Not sure how heartwarming the whole thing was for him. :grimacing:

I wonder if this was ever pointed out in the Metaverse, too. :thinking:

Either way, some cool stuff in these issues, and I am not just saying that because I’m a sucker for Egyptian Mythology content. It’s noticeable that we’ve had a quite similar cast appear in the last episodes, though. Wonder if there’s any meaning to this?

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I think the connection here is mainly “Argent Adept’s friend circles” (for sometimes “certain values of ‘friend’”)

It’s interesting, back in the day Argent Adept/Visionary was a common enough ship and I found it a little cracky… but no, apparently Visionary (or at least Dark Visionary which just makes this even weirder really) really did like going and calling on Argent for things semi-regularly versus someone like Nightmist.

I remembered something about this from the recesses of my mind… the wiki on Haka’s first episode states:

After his tā moko fade the first time, does he have to reapply them repeatedly as they fade again? He had to do them again once, but it was quite an undertaking (given his more robust physique at this point). He had to use snake venom (as mentioned on the flavor text of the card) to essentially “kill” a portion of his skin and then apply the pigment before it could regenerate.

I thought I recalled that he did have to keep re-applying, but apparently, it was only the once.