Episode 271 of the Letters Page: Writers' Room: Cosmic Tales Vol. 2 #16

Here on Boxing Day we take pity on Space Dad and give him the gift of a straight-up victory.


Back to normal Christopher, so he’s fully able to hurt himself again! :’) I get it tho.

I also get not knowing numbers off the top of your head, even if you’re the one who made them up!

I am enjoying every moment of them struggling to stay within the bounds and spirit of the prompt. :slight_smile:

Ooh, they’re reusing a system? I wasn’t expecting that, this is great! :smiley:

A guy who turns himself into a lens? D: Aw man, I have a villain like that.

They’ve gotten really good at maintaining tone appropriate to the era they’re storytelling in. :smiley:

“Everyone comes out and ‘silly hats only’-ies them.” Love that Christopher can make references sometimes.

Listen to them getting so psyched about this story!

“Stop trying to make Magical Bros a thing!” XD

Ooh, me letter! :open_mouth: I’m not surprised by that answer lol

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So I want to say I laughed out loud at this being the fourth time they’ve taken a letter that somehow asked after the Pied Piper, and the fourth time they (and the letter writer) have forgotten they already answered such a thing and given an answer that somehow differs from all the previous ones.


Gotta wonder after this one - would Shattered Veneer and Mr. Hideous team up or be at odds?

And if Veneer came to Earth and had some plot involving Magmaria, would things go south for him real quick when the Magmarians decided he looks like a tasty snack?

Also, just for the story name I want a collaboration of Veneer, Halcyon, and the villain with color powers whose name I can’t recall so we can get “Crystal Blue Persuasion”.



(Also I love the pun game.)

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That’s her! The name came to me a bit after posting, but I had in my head she might be a Young Legacy foe. Turns out she’s from Harpy foes episode as Silver Age villain, later Lillian Corvus prison buddy, then returned as escaped modern villain with less goofy color powers.

So you’d have a lens/prism guy, a color/energy manipulator, and a charismatic suppressor who leads a cult with crystal right there in the name. Sounds fun! :gem: :rainbow:

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