Episode 273 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Arcane Tales Vol. 2 #613

Our favorite space lizard gets his own cover.

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I didn’t realize they were releasing an issue published in the current month for every Writer’s Room this year. I thought it was just going to be pick one per month. Not sure how I feel about that. I guess we’ll see… So far they do seem a little shoehorned into mid-teens, but that’s based on the characters chosen.

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It was a mild cardiac event?? D: Literally how!? Christopher is like the fittest dude, holy shit, you can’t even blame him, he’s just suddenly become a health issue black hole. :frowning:

One eye, one ear, one leg, one hand, Christopher is absolutely speedrunning supervillainy here.

I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate my comment from Adam’s stream yesterday, that I hope there is an in-house parody comic called Snarkane Tales.

Okay, I see why they didn’t call him Death Spiral, the concept came before the design (and also Adam had a very good reason, because Spiral exists in the real world), but still, think about it… Life->Death? Line->bent line? Eh? Eh?

Oh no, now I’m shipping Waykeep and Lifeline.

That’s it, starting a campaign. Tarogath is a deadbeat dad, Waykeep for Aeon Mom 2017.

I agree, the sheer glee one can experience knowing Christopher will ultimately end up overridden on who to let on the new F5 is incomparable. XD

Cannot believe Freedom Knight knows how to have a gauntlet that knows how to use a sword, but not actually how to use the sword himself. How epically stupid and 90’s, I love it.

…Whoa, Jansa is hardcore. c_c

Mmm, delicious more digging into the creation of the multiverse. :smiley: One of my absolute favorite topics.

Adam and I said “greyline” at the same time. XD And also spelled it the same way!


Because he takes shitty care of himself. He doesn’t have any family stress, but he constantly stresses himself out in every other part of his life, and he doesn’t have anyone at home watching out for him. He sleeps like 3 hours a night, and when you get as much exercise and stress as he does, that’s a bad combination. I don’t get the impression his diet is great, either.


All of that. Being physically fit helps, but if you’re constantly wearing out your body in other ways then it only helps so much.

There’s also such a thing as getting too much physical activity. It’s less common an issue than being too sedentary, nowadays, but it’s a thing.


I work in environmental consulting, so I’m constantly jumping around the country. I worked two months in WV doing a job where I was hiking every morning from dawn until about 11am, and lived 5 mins from a grocery store so I could easily get shopping done. After I got done with work, I just spent time with my crew every day.

After that, I worked 2 months in NY State on a job where I was standing still alone for 6-12 hours a day, then drove home, ate dinner, and immediately went to bed.

It’s anecdotal evidence from one person, but living a good balanced life with a support group around me, and then switching to a project where all my waking hours revolved around work was jarring. It really is all about balance, and once you remove one pillar, you really notice.


Sometimes things are genetic, latent, or just could randomly happen to anybody. While you can do some stuff under your own control to influence whether a “cardiac event” happens or not, sometimes it does anyway.

…but did he then go straight back to work again on Monday?! Take a week off, man!

(At least I’m glad he is up and about, and on a path to recovery.)


Exacerbated, perhaps, by a rapidly-changing environment. The high temps last year and contaminants from massive wildfires are putting stressors on all our bodies, and that affects every aspect of our health.


@TakeWalker I just finished my listen and I am happy I helped dig into delicious topics! I had been thinking about how they really already had sufficient Metaverse worldbuilding for EE, but now that aspect of their creation is totally turned up to 11. With the idea in mind that GTG is a company trying to make money on consumer entertainment products, I’ve been wondering if all this meta-building is in service of a particular goal. (I could see a “Sentinel Comics: The Comics Publishing Worker Placement Game,” for instance.) It is pretty interesting how it started as a brief homage layer but has now taken on a life of its own to the extent that it’s just baked into their creative process. There’s a lot for them to be holding in their heads at once!

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With the bit about his hand, I suspect a blood clot. Something like that happened to a relative of mine, and she didn’t do the physical therapy or anything so she never regained the use. Christopher, being decades younger and more active, will probably recover.

That said… dude REALLY needs to take better care. Being physically active is one thing, but as MindWanderer said, everything outside of his physical regimen is… yeah…


Yeah, after listening to him talk about his symptoms I thought less “heart attack”, more “stroke”, as it reminded me of symptoms my mother had after hers.

Also yeah, not surprised his poor sleep schedule caught up with him. As I have an issue where my body does not want to stay asleep longer than 4-5 hours at a time, and always wondered how he functioned as I am perpetually tired and having trouble concentrating.