Episode 274 - Writers' Room: Cosmic Tales Vol. 2 #107-#108

Let’s see what Baron Blade has in store. Also recording for Choke in Megalopolis occurs tomorrow so get in letters if you wanted to.

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“It’s half-life is when half-life 3 releases” caught me so off guard I lost control of my lungs from laughing so hard.


A date! Huzzah! For… being in bad shape??

Yes, up in the air is generally where one flies (when one is not a fool, at least).

I love that the idea of Baron Blade doing magic stuff is blowing my mind, and that’s the direction they’re going with this, of specifically “this was the one time ever”.

Oh man, the Casa-Nova backups! Adam mentioned that in his stream, and then I forgot, and I’m sad there’s nothing about it on the covers! D: Though that first cover especially, oh my god, it’s so good!

I hope the Casa-Nova story involves him extolling the virtues of fruit-filled pies. :3

Yes! More hero infighting! :smiley:

Today, the part of Mary Poppins will be played by Baron Blade.

A space man, sitting out in space! XD

“He was completely healed and wrecked himself again!” Hmm, that sounds like someone else we know…

Christopher is such a guy, taking one for the team and reading that uwu letter. XD I’m surprised, with as much as he seems to know about furries, Adam doesn’t know the bit for the letter!

…Also, which Endlings has Captain Cosmic shot his shot with? XD

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I mean, Slamara and Jansa, for sure. Shots fired, accuracy unknown.

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“He’s in and out of prison, he’s in and out of death” Seems accurate.

“He was completely healed and wrecked himself again!" Inaccurate! He didn’t wreck himself, it was definitely other people who did that. :slightly_frowning_face:

I feel like we’re ready for a dedicated Writers’ Room about Xander’s adventures. :open_mouth:

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There is absolutely no way they created demon blade battalions, controlled by a sweet-looking demon gauntlet, which is lost somewhere in space/hell, and never brought all that back. I don’t believe it for a second.

Granted, Xander running off with a leftover demon guitarist does weaken the concept more than a little. But still! The issue as a whole seems like a rounding success, and not the failure it would have had to be to drop Demon Blade off the face of the Earth forever.


Since I think the timing lines up, I’m now just assuming they ran headlong into the Satanic Panic days, and by the time that got resolved they just had more actually demonic characters to throw the stories at.


Now I am half figuring out what a critical event would look. first thought would be must use Aeternus environment and changes keywords around.


Rather than rely on an environment deck, steal a page from the RPG and add cards that are each their own challenges that have to be solved. There’s a ton of design space there, ranging from multiple timed challenges that all start in play to sequential challenges where one starts in play and resolving it leads to the next, or to one of multiple branching paths based on how the previous challenge was resolved. A some points a sequential challenge series might put out multiple separate challenges to put on more pressure, or you might start with multiples in play and have the next stage collapse down to single challenge whose details vary on the overall performance in the previous stage.

Environmental decks by themselves are too random for a critical event where scripted things have to happen to advance the “plot” as it were. The challenges could certainly interact with them though, looking for certain cards to come up that accelerate/decelerate timers or alter resolution conditions.

So if they were to revisit this / retell the story through the lens of Æternus, who would Blade make the deal with to obtain power? I feel like it has to be Lusithar, because pride is definitely his sin. He’s not that wrathful, and envy isn’t really the right fit either. The Baron has enough hubris to believe he can pull the Moon into Earth and is convinced it will work!

I’m not sure he’d be interested in making deals. Subverting a demonic artifact, sure. Overtly bargaining with devils? He’s nuts, but he’s not that kind of nuts. I’d be more inclined to see a Prince conveniently misplace an artifact somewhere that Blade would find it and screw himself over.

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The heck he isn’t. His vendetta against the Legacies is entirely him getting revenge for the death of his father, and he’s not exactly calm and cool about his own personal losses to other heroes. There’s pride involved too, but it’s mixed up with punishing those he thinks have wronged or slighted him. That’s the hallmark of wrathful behavior.

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I’m partly with Mindwanderer in that Blade definitely prideful, but I’d argue it’s that he is way too prideful to make a bargain with anyone unless he thinks he can come out on top, regardless of his hatred for Legacy.

That said, there is definitely space for someone to trick him into thinking he’d come out on top when he wouldn’t.

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He’s always going to think he’ll come out on top. Pride goeth before the fall and all that. I think it’d be interesting to see Blade get ahold of an Ignazio Gallo relic, realize too late that he’s made an awful miscalculation, and have to swallow his pride and turn to a hero for help.

And as we saw with both Chairman and Voss, he’s often right.

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He’s the kind of guy who’d write up a 100-page contract covering every possible contingency he can imagine in which he’d get screwed over, and then misses something totally obvious. Or else the Prince does something grossly unfair.

But, see, I think Blade knows this. He’s pretty insightful about his own nature and failings. And he can guess that demons won’t play fair. So i think the only way he’d play this game is if he thinks he can cheat harder and better. So he gets caught in some clause, shrugs it off, and traps the Prince in a rune-warded aquarium full of holy water until the Prince tears up the contract.


Okay, I was in team “Blade wouldn’t make a deal” until I read that.