Episode 275 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Freedom Five #392

Let the metal sing to you

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Regarding the question about the use of drones in the 80s, I can say with confidence that the term “drone” was well known at the time to indicate a remotely operated mobile device. Most commonly a spy-drone or camera-drone, but I know there was also the concept of a drone used to mean a body being driven around by an external AI.

The distinction is that a robot runs on an internal decision making system or preprogrammed routine, while a drone is directly controlled by an external entity.

Even what we nowthink of as a drone was pretty well already invented. The Cyberpunk 2020 RPG books printed in 1990 had drones nearly indistinguishable from a modern quadcopter among its drone designs.


Yeah, the weather is getting nuts. D:

I am also still surprised this surgery is outpatient, that’s totally valid.

All these nurse names sound like villains, and Edge Nurse is the best one. :smiley:

I wanna hear more bad dialogue, darnit! D:

The Letters Page Podcast: Not how concerts go!

And then Choke was suddenly Fanatic.

Boy, this is an awful lot of housekeeping here, no wonder this went over 2 hours.

Choke sees metal and is like, “It is so shaped.”

Honestly, I have to wonder if threading metal through a rock would cause it to stop screaming at her.

Faraliss unlocked the achievement: The Burden Of Being Known

Okay, after that Moritz letter, I don’t want to hear shit about people drinking Guise, okay? >:V

Someone really needs to introduce Christopher to Darkwing Duck.

Darnit, I really wanna know what cover this cover is based off of! D:

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and Gargoyles.


So did Stuntman ever try to look up KNYFE at some point when she was off-world, really confusing the Paige that was native to the world?


For anyone who does not know Bushroot from Darkwing Duck the most important point about him comes not from Darkwing Duck but from the Duck Tales reboot. In the new Duck Tales Darkwing Duck was a popular TV show and at one point two characters are debating if Bushroot should be called a villain or not. Sure, he is doing mad science plant plots, but he is a sympathetic outcast just trying to “make friends” or “improve” the world to be more accommodating to him (and his friends/plant monster soldiers) he is not being evil to be evil he is just awkward and lonely… and oops the city is buried under kudzu.


Well, I guess if we’re being formal about things:

“Darkwing Duck, I’d like to introduce you to Christopher Badell, noted game designer. Mister Badell, this is the Terror That Flaps In the Night, Darkwing Duck. I believe you both share an interest in superheroics.”

I admit Emily Post is silent on the subject of supranyms, but it seems pretty clear that they should be used while a hero is in costume. Even a hero with a public civilian identity should probably be referred to by whichever persona they’re currently presenting. It would always be a tremendous social blunder to reveal a secret identity during an introduction, assuming one is even aware of such information.


That lines up with the general “is Poison Ivy really a villain? I mean besides the murder?” discussion in many circles. With Bushroot being a goofier version of Ivy, that fits.


Poor Jason Woodrue/Floronic Man/Floro, he gets forgotten in the “is plant villain X really a baddie?” discussions. Then again, he’s also unintentionally silly a lot of the time (more so than Bushroot, who’s supposed to be funny) and has been associated with some truly cringe stories over the years. Not only was he briefly a hero in the New Guardians team - which book also brought us the villain Snowflame - there was also that awkward marijuana story that dragged in Poison Ivy as well.


As to the question of what Chris Hemsworth did in the meta-verse that there would be a Kris Shemsworth in the comics- Over in the RPG forums FrivYeti is creating heroes and villains to populate an “also ran” comic company from the meta-verse and one character is perfect for Hemsworth.

Skybreaker II, the Celtic demigod Cú Chulainn a bombastic, anachronistic fish out of water hero inheriting the name of a golden age character who was a mortal man wielding the weapon of a Celtic god.
Close to Thor, only using a spear instead of a hammer and hair dyed super red.
If you have an hour, ask our Christopher about his opinions on spears.

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I mean… the original Thor was a redhead, too, so that isn’t going to stop anyone.

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I considered a tangent about Jack Kirby making Thor blond for some unknown reason and then a “Golden haired” Siff with black hair.


IMHO the most notable thing about Cú Chulainn isn’t his red hair anyway (despite my gingerphile tendencies), it’s the fact that he’s basically “what if The Hulk was an oversexed, probably bisexual pretty boy”.

But honestly I loved the canon thought that Chris Hemsworth was in the Secret Lads movie alongside Liam Neeson. My brain’s immediate reaction was “I deeply regret that will never be a thing because I’d watch the hell out of that”.


Consider the possibility that Thor has been wearing Sif’s Dwarf-crafted wig throughout his entire Marvel run, while she’s been using one of her many alternates. Turns out she’s got a collection to rival the Casually Comics gal on youtube.

You know you want a scene where they’re fighting together and get caught in a big attack that knocks their hairpieces off and they wind up with the wrong ones on afterward and have to make an awkward exchange at the end of the fight. Issue ends with Sif’s thought bubble about how this lady prefers blondes. :slight_smile: