Episode 277 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Mind Over Matter #53

It says Vengeance tie in right on the cover.

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More good news from Christopher, that’s pleasant. :smiley:

Ahh, the death of Major Flay! There’s a character we never hear much about. :slight_smile:

So you might say Dark Visionary defeats him with a model of the modern Major Flay. ;D

God I love their dark characters, who do something terrible and then both of them are like, “Wow, that was awful, I hate this character.” XD

Christopher’s cookie method of rounding is valid, half a cookie does not count as a cookie!

“Biomancer makes baby clones of the heroes and villains” sounds like an excellent story for some kind of joke one-off book. :slight_smile:

The enthusiasm/indignation to Remote’s letter XD

I love this idea to make Baron Blade take his ball and go home. :smiley: And now I really want to see Baron Blade versus another villain!

The real boss of the Freedom Five is, of course, Freedom Knight.

Goddang, every detail they reveal of Casa-Nova just reaffirms that my friend accidentally made them for our SCRPG game! XD

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Reminds me of that Disparation with the alternate F5 where Argent Adept joined instead of Tachyon, and they were more magic and magic-tech based.

Maybe a Disparation/What-If story where some villain manages to kill both Legacy and Tachyon, and Felicia goes to Ivan with a “Look, you and my dad had… stuff. But you’re the only one who can do this.” Maybe takes the name Luminary, maybe goes by some variant of Tachyon (I think a different particle would be more appropriate… but Positron is already taken in a different IP). I could also see his response being “Fine… but you are NOT Legacy” and she takes a different superhero name, too.

I would LOVE a Baron Blade completely wrecks some other villain in revenge for them threatening Mordengrad story.


We have gotten that way back in episode 133. Granted it’s not the same circumstances as him doing in retaliation due to threats on Mordengrad.

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“Chokepoint didn’t wreck the Celestial Tribunal. BLADE did.”


I think Christopher and Adam missed an option in that “Legacy and Baron Blade vs Edgy Wager Master” option - Legacy doesn’t need to put two people on each team, and he knows that Baron Blade is going to be annoyed.

So here’s my guess: Legacy makes the heroic gamble. He places all four other Freedom Five members into Group A. Baron Blade dramatically announces that he is killing Group B, made up of nobody, because this is NOT HIS PLOT.


Perilune: the closest point in an orbit to the Moon


Considering Mordengrad is part of the planet the Tribunal is menacing, I could see him taking a hand there. He’s definitely the type to have defenses against extraterrestrial threats in place, especially after Voss’s stab at conquest.

There are reasons space invaders usually start on the far side of the planet from Latveria over in Marvel. Coming in hot over Europe is a great way to lose a battlefleet.


Felicia could take “Apolune” as a supranym since he’s insisting she can’t be Legacy in this scenario. Just to make a point. :slight_smile:

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Between Latveria and Wakanda, anything from the Iberian peninsula to the Urals, and Scandinavia to Madagascar is a big old “nope” for hostiles…