Episode 278 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: A Day in the Life: The Argent Adept

Just a regular day for a magical musician.

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Yaaay, no more cone of shame! :smiley: And now all of Christopher’s health problems are over, and he will never suffer injury or illness again!

This is a good example of the Prime Wardens bickering without, like, being at each other’s throats, that’s nice to see. :slight_smile: I also kinda feel like Tempest gets overlooked a bunch in PW stories, so it’s nice to see him and Argent Adept do friend things.

“With massive strength comes obligate duty.” Great quote, print that.

Yay, a little mushroom guy, my favorite! :smiley:

…I was not expecting the child skeleton. c_c;;;

On a normal day, many superheroes do things like spend time with friends or family, buy groceries, or visit people in hospitals to cheer them up. Argent Adept buries children.

You wouldn’t like Dr. Blake Washington, Jr. when he’s angry…

Hilariously, Anthony is absolutely right. Somewhere in the world, Soothsayer Carmichael just got really happy and doesn’t know why.

We clearly need more Blake Washington stories.

“Completely out to lunch” Liz, what a turn of phrase! XD

Argent Adept video game with stealth kills, yes, make it happen! XD

No, no, the worst music genre is crunkcore. This is a fact.

The real question is, can Omnitron-X see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Or heck, Apple Jacks for that matter, despite them not tasting like apples??

Adam’s “…bye…” at the end! XD

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Poor Stanley just wants a fakinhage…

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I mean, isn’t this during the Tempersonation era? Or has that not happened?

In the Animated series Capt. Cosmic seemed like the “person who is also there” character to me.
Blake calling Anthony “my boy” makes sense since Blake has his stuff more together on a bad day than Anthony does on a good day. (Powerless Ra pre Horus of two horizons never turned back into Blake so it does not count)
I also like the idea that Blake Washington Jr. understands the “inherited mantel” and “object of power” questions Argent Adept has better than anyone but Count Barzak.

@OddballPaladin the 90’s was when Tempest was bad.


This is why I wish I had a timeline like Christopher’s spreadsheet. Looked like it was late 80s through early 00s, but could be wrong…

This is in fact exactly what I had been wondering as well.

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The point of the “switch” was retconned as being after the main Kaargra story that started up in January '94. Then the “real” Tempest is back as the Prime Wardens reform and rescue him in “the Search for Tempest” story in 2011 that leads to volume 2 of the team book.

The “Tempersonation” explanation was only there explicitly in the minds of the writers for a few years before the Vengeance Returned story in 2008 where the reveal to the readers happened.


Thanks. For some reason I was thinking that it was mid 80s through early 00s.

I was not expecting to get this window into Blake Washington, Jr… it’s really interesting to see him as a mentor to other characters here! Seeking him out for that purpose, in fact. And, he has relevant expertise in magical artifacts? This is an aspect of Ra/Blake that we haven’t really seen explored. I think it’s a great avenue to add depth to the character(s).


I wonder if Day in the life Ra will include this scene from Blake’s POV showing all the interruptions he had before Anthony showed up.


Unfortunately we can’t have ADITL: Ra :sob:

That’s one of the decisions they’ve made that I have mixed feelings on, restricting ADITL so heavily to a small group of heroes.

EDIT: Upon further inspection, I was just being dumb and missed ADITL: Ra in the notes, it does exist

Have we heard a list of which characters possibly have one? Until this episode the only requirement appeared to be that wires must appear on the cover.

Yes, we have a complete list, which they’ve said are the only ADITL issues that happened.

We have:

Bunker, Unity, Absolute Zero, Argent Adept

We’re missing:

Legacy, Wraith, Tachyon, Nightmist, Captain Cosmic, Ra, Fanatic, Haka, Tempest, Expatriette, Benchmark

So it’s essentially the entire DE Core Box cast, Nightmist and Expat, and then Benchmark

(although notably Captain Cosmic gets his ADITL last, like 25 years after the other five PW members)


So, I just relistened to Miststorm and Argent Adept helped to mentor Thiago when he became Ra. So, they have been thinking about the item of power and identity connection between them for a while.

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It’s an outgrowth of the format where ADITL episodes have to be based on something that got a published book in the metafiction. Presumably the conceit is that only the listed characters were seen by management as popular enough to merit getting that kind of one-shot, and some of them probably still didn’t sell all that well, hence the rather erratic scheduling.

I think it’s loosely modelling some IRL “character focus” one-shots. IIRC the Teen Titans did something like this in the 80s with specific one-shot books for Raven, Cyborg, etc. There are probably other examples of team book characters getting spotlight issues either in one-shots or as part of the team title itself.

There’s no real-world reason they couldn’t do something like this for any character, but it would be hard to explain how (say) ADITL of the Heroic Bugbear ever got approval, so they’d need some other framing device for whatever story they wanted to tell. As it is I wouldn’t be surprised if the eventual Benchmark episode has a lot of jokes about terrible sales and piles of issues in discount boxes across the country for years to come.