Episode 280 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Disparation Vol. 2 #122

Oh, indeed. I just keep thinking about how they’ve mentioned that there are some Easter Eggs that no one has found from old stuff and they’re okay with that. Heck, I’m doing a re-listen and Christopher made a statement like that, and I’m like “wait… was there no follow-up?” Apparently not, so I sent in a question…

At this point, C&A know exactly what expectations they’ve created by revealing that nemesis symbol, and I cannot imagine the bad blood they’d create with their fans if they went “You know that deck you’ve all wanted for years? Well, surprise, we created the first ever variant with their own nemesis symbol! Oops! Silly us!”

There are a couple different ways you can lie to your fans, lying to protect secrets/future content, or a malicious lie, and them playing with fan expectations like that would certainly feel malicious to me.

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I don’t think the YL symbol will be a Legacy variant, but I also don’t think Exile will be a Young Legacy variant since she’s evil. This opens up speculation that the Iron Legacy critical event could be this very issue with Exile replacing his character card though. Maybe not that much of a stretch for the IL deck thematically.

One question resulting from an unexpected Inversiverse episode is Who’s Exile’s mom? Is it evil Emily Parsons (and what’s she like?), some other willing (or unwilling) female, or maybe test tube baby because MAD SCIENCE?! Could be problematic…


Exile is Legacy of Destruction’s kid, not Iron Legacy. There’s a surfeit of Evil Legacies around at this point.

Would be interesting to see how IL would react to Exile, who’s essentially a rotten funhouse mirror version of his own dead daughter. Can’t see it ending well if they ever did meet before his universe was obliterated - or after, if he somehow got a miraculous survival into the RPG era and popped up in the sandwich bag…

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Yeah this is basically my take.

C&A have been coy/cagey aplenty, but never actively misleading AFAIK.

The biggest “lies to fans” they told in the time I’ve been in the fandom was probably the Scion Voss deal, but even then there was still so many hints that nobody was actually that fooled, as the massive pile of “I called it!” letters they read off in that episode showed.

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Yeah, I got the first part. There is no Iron Legacy with a living daughter because that defeats the backstory. Just saying I’d thought critical event IL might be LoD, but now there’s another possibility.

Who are the other bad Legacies? I’m only thinking of:
Vampire Lord, i.e. Bloodline

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Well, Biomancer did dupe him multiple times, although Baron Blade may have killed all of those.

Isn’t three (or four) plenty? Aside from the lack of a Bizarro Legacy the bases seem pretty well covered, and they could shove one in with Mad Science, biomancy and/or Disparation stories.

Oh yeah, fleshchildren and Blade-bots of course, although they may not have the free agency of the named villainous Legacies. And lest we forget, the nightmare Legacy a.k.a. Dark Hero. That’s the one that seems closest to a Bizarro version in my mind at least.

Alright, I concur that’s enough evil versions. Still doesn’t come close to touching the heroic variants though. Not even going to try to list all those cause I know I’ll miss some. Looking forward to Joe VI the most though to get me to play Legacy deck in DE again.

Had to look up to confirm. Yeah. Cannot wait for him. Loved that episode.

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So we have three more expansions after Dispiration. “Team Up Villains”, “Space!”, and “Oblivaeon, no really”. And based on the three likely “extra” heroes, that puts Young Legacy in Team Up, with Fashion clearly in Space!, and Rambler the most thematic matchup for “bad guys being good?” That’s where I have my Vegas money, at least.

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I feel Young Legacy makes the most sense for the last expansion. As the OblivAeon box already won’t have Harpy in it as a villain turned hero. Akash’Thriya came about much earlier so they’re likely to be in the next box as Space doesn’t make sense for her. Young Legacy also feels like she has her full break out moment in the OblivAeon storyline too. She did her stuff before then and had big moment. However, OblivAeon is what starts her taking the mantle from Paul.

My thought is Rambler for the team up box, Greazer or Fashion for Space, and Young Legacy for OblivAeon


Yeah, I honestly think there’s a chance of both Greazer and Fashion for Space, if we’re getting Greazer at all. :+1:t2: I mean, how many other space heroes are left? Lifeline, Sky-Scraper… Okay, I suppose Void Guard are possible since we’re not really going chronologically, now… :thinking:

Lifeline is still a hero as a response to OblivAeon, right? Or has that changed?

Regardless, I’m expecting the space box to be Sky-Scraper + Void Guard + a new space hero or maybe Fashion

As far as we’ve been told Lifeline still becomes a hero because he is aware of the looming threat from OblivAeon.

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Lifeline has to be in Box 6, because Deadline will be in Box 5. Void Guard has to be in Box 5, because Sentinels will be in Box 4.


Given the themes of the two expansions so far, I’m expecting the “space” one to be called “Cosmic Tales,” and the “team up” would either be “Tome of the Bizarre” or some variant of “Vengeance.” My guess is the former, as that’s the most common non-specialized (Lightspeed, Last Hunt, etc) book with flavor text from his clones.

Where the Young Legacy deck will be is pure speculation. Didn’t mean to imply that she wouldn’t be an independent deck. I think she’s had enough divergence from her father that the deck would need major adjustments to reflect her. What I meant was that the way Exile was presented here, especially the slightly different way her power works, felt like a variant. Like… If Young Legacy does X damage to one target, Exile would do >X damage to more than one. As for this being brief or a villain-ish… well, we have Blood Raven Harpy and Eclipse Expatriette, so there’s precedent.

They already shot down Tome of the Bizarre as being one the expansion titles (and Arcane Tales isn’t one either).

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I still really wish Tome of the Bizarre would’ve been used but oh well.


So it’ll probably be either Vengeance Returned/Revisited/etc. or my personal guess, Exordium. Heroes: Scholar, Guise, Naturalist, Akash’Thriya, Southwest Sentinels, Rambler. Environments: The Court of Blood, Madame Mittermeyer’s, Mobile Defense Platform, probably Maerynian Refuge, ???

Cosmic Tales is possible, but a little bland, and they seem to be avoiding titles with Tome/Tales/Comics in the names. So my guess there is Cosmic Concurrence. Heroes: Void Guard, Skyscraper, Fashion. Environments: Celestial Tribunal, Dok’Thorath, Enclave of the Endlings, probably Omnitron-IV, ??? (My guess: The Roulette)

If they’re not willing to reuse the name OblivAeon, the logical alternative is Scion Strike, especially if the focus is on normal-sized games instead of one megagame. Heroes: Luminary, Lifeline, La Comodora, Benchmark, Stuntman, Young Legacy. Environments: Champion Studios, Fort Adamant, Nexus of the Void, Mordengrad, ???


In case folks are interested, Godai transitioned the theorizing on the future sets to another thread. Thanks, @Godai! :smiley: