Episode 281 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: Tome of the Bizarre Vol. 3 #170

Probably a bad career move by Professor Pollution


Okay, not the answer I was expecting, but “a normal letter” “that’s what you think” exchange got a laugh.

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Good answer, Adam, good comeback. XD

A grilled cheese flight? :open_mouth: That sounds amazing.

Oh boy, yeah, that was a while ago, geez! I’m amazed people listen through this entire podcast still.

Justice for Sludgeon!

“That feels bad! I love it.” Really sums up their writing process!

What a descriptor of this fight. XD

“It’s a Lark Comics”, have we heard this title before? :open_mouth:

Man, I hate when I have weird, loose holes.

Wow, this was a lot more contentious a Writers’ Room than they usually are! :open_mouth:

You could do Stuntman vs. Werewolf Haka?

Ooh, Deadline gets a new nemesis, eyes emoji!

I love that letter writer bits are making a comeback. :slight_smile: And with them, the dismay when they realize who’s written in.

Darn, we’ll never have a panel where someone walks into a room, steps into a mushy, rotting apple or something, and has to demand, “All right, who fruited?”

Christopher can, and will, eat everything. :slight_smile: Goals.

…Mermaids? Wait, what? c_c Am I just the worst at remembering things? Don’t answer that! There is absolutely no reason why I’m posting this so late in the day!

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So, we are all shipping Degenerate and the Angry Taxpayer, right?


By the time I joined the forums, those had died out. Was the identity of Princess Cool ever revealed?

Princess Cool is herself. (In that she’s not someone else’s alter ego, she’s just one person with a very consistent shtick.)


…well, now I am!


This. Has anyone ever requested a Sludgeon-themed Writer’s Room? I feel like it’s getting more and more urgent at this point.


I think the Ambuscade vs. Werewolf Haka story they already did certainly falls very close, and is the best example I can think of of what the letter was getting at.

That said, mind-controlled “evil” Tachyon vs. Darkwatch would be a fun story.