Episode 282 of the Letters Page: Writers’ Room: A Day in the Life: Fanatic

Seems like it could be a wild ride.

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I only remember about half these characters, Adam is doing just fine. XD

The “hard-on” line. XD

Oh boy, I hope no Fanatic fans were hoping for a story where she learned a lesson and/or had fun-time happy times! :V

How sad. “Christopher and Adam reading letters to you” really means “Christopher and Adam reading letters to everyone but Christopher and Adam.” They have, on occasion, read a letter addressed from one to the other, but neither can be an audience to both. :frowning:

I want to see Fanatic officiating the most brutal, extreme wedding ever. XD

Googling “things that people like”, a common human activity.

Gee, an entire society of muscle mommies, surely no one in the fandom will latch onto that in a weird way.

Setback has a tail, confirmed canon.


Things Fanatic secretly likes, my literal first thought was “going to those axe-throwing pubs”, followed by “golf”, because can you imagine the Happy Gilmore swings she would have?


I imagine a severed head being rolled down the aisle, with Fanatic very slowly saying “does anyone ELSE have a reason they should not be wed?”


She’s gonna hold those two to their vows, personally.

She will always be watching them.


If/when they have kids, Fanatic keeps getting in turf wars with Santa about who’s on creeper watch - at least until he convinces her he’s Saint Nicolas and has seniority over some rank-and-file angel swordgrunt.