Essen game con 2021

Hello, I’m interested will we be able to buy Spirit island promo packs 1 & 2 at Esssen 21?

If so, at which booth?

Thanks in advance

Welcome, @Sicba! :smiley: Glad to have you here!

Your best bet to get a response from the GTG folks is probably to send your question to the email address. They monitor that more closely than the forums. :blush:

And even if they don’t go and/or don’t bring the promo packs, hopefully another vendor will have them. Good luck! :crossed_fingers:t2:

Hey, thanks for helping.

I’ve sent them an email a month ago, they told me that they don’t know whether they’ll go or not, probably not, but they’ll see for vendors and tell me where I can search for packs (partner vendors and similar)

I’ve sent them a few mails asking if they know something more, they don’t respond at all anymore.

Tagging @bailey , for when shee get a moment to look into this.

Thanks @Godai

@bailey did you had the chance to look into this?

Hi Sicba! I believe I got your most recent email yesterday, but just in case that is not you: no. We will not have promo packs for sale during Essen. We are not attending and there will be no other vendors selling the promo packs.

Also for the record, y’all, my pronouns are xir/xir!


Apologies, @bailey, I looked at your “Welcome to the forums” post, and missed the now-super-obvious reminder when I tag you.

It’s okay! I actually need to update that and just updated my profile too. :sunglasses: