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Alright, so, in hindsight, I think this was a bad idea. I am still a firm believer that the alternate version of Visionary in Visionary's mind is going to be a real villain in the game, but since that's what this character is, that would mean my entry is an automatic disqualification. I considered just submitting the same deck but with a different villain as my second entry, but I never could come up with anything else.

Also, you may notice that the main deck mechanic and flip mechanic are very similar to Plague Rat's mechanics. I'm not lying: this was a complete coincidence that I didn't realize until yesterday. I was trying to make her deck emulate that of Visionary's, but somewhere along the line, the main mechanic lended itself towards Plague Rat's style. And now I hate myself for it, because I feel like this would also be turned down so no one would complain about the similarities to Plague Rat. Seriously, accident. My confidence has way dropped, but it was still fun doing this.

Special no-prize to whoever first guesses what the main motif of the hypnoses cards is.

Okay, since I don't want anyone else to have problems viewing the text, I'll just copy and paste it here.








BIO: The year was 2018, and Vanessa Long would often chuckle at the irony of her situation. She had been raised by the United States officials involved in Project Cocoon, who had also trained her to utilize the psychic powers she was born with, thanks to injections she had received in utero as part of the project. The irony of this, of course, being how she used these powers one day to take control of the minds of half the staff in the F.I.L.T.E.R. HQ she had been raised in, and ordered them to slaughter the rest of the staff within the compound. They did so not with guns, but with random bludgeons and even their own hands, ripping apart some of the innocent people limb from limb. She wanted it to be as brutal as possible; Vanessa never cared about these people. She wanted the compound to be covered in blood and the corpses everywhere, and took a special pleasure in hanging the body of her main caretaker and instructor, Dr. Ramont, at the front of the compound. It would serve as a chilling warning to anyone who wanted to oppose her. She and her army of mindless slaves headed toward the nearest city, hoping to claim more minds and strengthen her legion. She knew the military and other superhumans who fought for justice would come after her soon enough. She would claim their minds too.


But that was all a while ago, and now Vanessa had managed to finally control the minds of the Freedom Six, a team of heroes who tried to stop her, using them as her weapons to conquer more cities in the recently-fallen USA. Everywhere she traveled, she used her mind-controlling powers to indoctrinate more people for her legion of husks, and ordered her soldiers to kill everyone whose body was not physically capable of fighting for her. Though sometimes she simply liked to have fun, such as when she rioted the emotions of everyone in Rook City, causing completely sane people to tear their own city apart.


However, Vanessa would occasionally feel a faint psychic pulse somewhere she couldn't quite find. It was coming from somewhere beyond even the mental plane of this world. Eventually, the pulse became very distinct; she could finally get a sense of where it came from. She pushed her psychic powers in a way she had never tried, and it succeeded: she looked outside the very fabric of her own reality, and into a plane where she could see a path through time and space. And when she looked into this tunnel through time and space, she saw a few people traveling through it, but suddenly saw that one of them looked identical to herself.


She needed to know what was going on, but she couldn't leave this reality yet; she wasn't done conquering the earth. Instead, she made a psychic copy of herself and threw it into the inter-dimensional area after this alternate version of herself, and the clone managed to latch onto this other person. The clone looked through the memories of this other Vanessa, and realized that this girl must have been a version of Vanessa from an alternate reality, who was traveling back in time to stop events that led to her world being nearly destroyed and taking the lives of millions of people.


The clone saw potential in staying with this other Vanessa. It was still a being of psychic power without physical form, but it could use this Vanessa who called herself “The Visionary” as a conduit into the minds of others, since this Visionary had psychic powers that touched others' minds. This psychic being had no identity, but now it had a purpose: cross the mental bridges into other people's minds, control them, and make an army of mindless slaves to conquer this reality. And eventually, it would completely control its host's body, achieving a physical identity to rule this world. She had no name, but she would soon command powerful individuals and be widely feared. She would be an echo of corruption in the minds of heroes and innocents alike.



  • Visionary's nemesis, why they relate:

    • Echo of Corruption is an alternate universe/timeline's version of Visionary, who appeared when Visionary traveled back in time. (See Visionary's bio and above)

    • Have cards that attach to other targets (See "Wrest The Mind" or "Twist The Ether" in relation to the hypnosis cards below)

    • Both have cards that affect the heroes' hands.

    • Both have cards to directly affect the environment.




  • 60 HP

  • Side 1: “Hypnotic Temptress”

    • At the start of the game, put Echo of Corruption's villain character cards into play, Hypnotic Temptress side up.

    • At the end of the villain turn, reveal cards from the top of the villain deck until a hypnosis is revealed and put it into play. Shuffle the other revealed cards back into the villain deck.

    • If a hero is reduced to 0 or fewer HP, place a copy of the card “Husk” into play and a copy of the card “Indoctrination” into play.

    • At the start of the villain turn, if all heroes have at least one hypnosis card attached to them, flip the villain character cards.

  • Side 2: "Mind-Crushing Puppet Master"

    • At the start of the villain turn, if there are no hypnosis cards in play, flip the villain character cards.

    • If a hero is reduced to 0 or fewer HP, place a copy of the card “Husk” into play and a copy of the card “Indoctrination” into play.

    • At the end of the villain turn, each hypnotized hero takes X psychic damage, where X is the number of hypnosis cards in play.




  • Villain targets that attach to the heroes

  • These targets not "ongoing" -- classified as "hypnosis" -- have 11 HP each

    • Who can damage the hypnoses?

      • The hypnotized heroes can, obviously. Though a lot of attacks are presented as physical, the implication is that the heroes are using their own willpower to fight off the hypnosis; this is simply represented by the physical attacks from other cards.

      • Other heroes can damage the hypnoses of other heroes too -- to represent heroes trying to snap each other out of hypnosis. This will account heroes who can't do a lot of damage (i.e. Argent Adept)

    • Hypnosis cards can only be removed from play if they are reduced to 0 or fewer HP.

    • When a hypnosis card is played, the players may decide which hero the hypnosis is attached to.

  • The Hypnoses: card name (card type) [card quantity]

    • Merciless Rage: At the end of this hero's turn, this hero attacks the hero with highest HP other than themselves for (H)--1 melee damage. (hypnosis) [1]

    • Undying Obsession: This hero cannot damage villain. If the villain takes damage, this hero takes 1 psychic damage. (hypnosis) [1]

    • Insatiable Hunger: At the start of this hero's turn, hero regains 1 HP, all other heroes take 1 irreducible toxic damage. (hypnosis) [1]

    • Immense Ego: At the end of this hero's turn, this hero attacks the hero with lowest HP other than themselves for (H)--1 melee damage. (hypnosis) [1]

    • Intense Jealousy: At the end of this hero's turn, destroy one equipment/ongoing card. (hypnosis) [1]

    • Sluggish Conviction: This hero must either skip their play phase or their power phase. Reduce damage dealt by this hero by 1. (hypnosis) [1]

    • Unending Desire: At the end of this hero's turn, all other heroes must either discard 1 card, or this hero takes 2 psychic damage. (hypnosis) [1]

  • All hypnosis cards should also include the following text:

    • (At the top of game text) When this card enters play, place it next to any hero character card.

    • (At the bottom of game text) This card can only be removed from play if it is reduced to 0 or fewer HP.


Notes: We decided that there should be only one copy of each hypnosis card, but we gave them higher HP to account for this. We felt the mechanic of hypnoses would be more threatening if they were something that couldn't normally be brushed aside in one attack. Also, we made the “must be at 0 or fewer HP” rule in order to compensate for Fanatic's End of Days without making them indestructible.



card name (card type) [card quantity]

  • Mass Confusion: All heroes may discard 2 cards. Players who do not discard 2 cards cannot draw hero cards until the start of the villain turn. (one-shot) [2]

  • Deep-Seeded Control: Reduce damage dealt to hypnoses by 1. (ongoing) [2]

  • Maddening Hallucinations: Destroy all environment cards. Each hero takes X damage, X being the number of cards destroyed this way. (one-shot) [2]

  • Deja Vu: Draw the top card of the villain trash and put it into play (one-shot) [2]

  • Husk: [HP: 5] At the end of the villain turn, this card deals the hero with the most hypnoses 2 melee damage. (mindless slave) [5]

  • Indoctrination: Increase damage dealt by mindless slaves by 1. (ongoing) [2]

  • Emotional Crisis: All heroes must trade their hypnoses to another hero. All hypnoses are restored to max HP. (one-shot) [1]

  • Thought Purge: Each hero discards the top 3 cards of their hero deck. Play the top card of the villain deck. (one-shot) [2]


Echo of Corruption.doc (34.5 KB)

Blah, stupid doc file and no doc file viewers installed on my computer......

Yours is really good. And who knows? Maybe it is better than what they had originally planned and go with yours instead! :)

7 deudly [sic] sins


I like it. It's pretty neat.

Boom. That's it. How'd you figure it out so fast? Maybe it's just obvious. But yeah that was the original idea, but I thought the seven deadly sins were more akin to Apostate's deck, so I made sure the names weren't any sort of religious symbol or anything. Naming them was the second hardest part.

The most difficult was the villain name. Even now, I'm not 100% confident in the name.

Interesting concept.  And, yes, very plague ratty.  Also, searching for two cards and having both go into play upon a trigger seems excessive, considering they'll find their way into play via normal gameplay.  Seems it would be better to search for one or the other (whichever comes first). Or just have one to search for.  Of course, that would be something to discuss during testing.

I love the hypnosis angle, and all the mind controlling in general.  If they don't like the Plague Rat-ey flip mechanic, there's no reason they can't replace it with a different mechanic they like better.  If you're right that they've already got Visionary's dark other self as a villain in the expansion, then you're right that that might mean this one's dead, but if they like your ideas well enough, they could toss a different face on the villain and it could still make it in.  Great job.

Thanks, really. It might just be my mindset: being an aspiring filmmaker, it's ingrained in my mind for me to dislike my own ideas after I produce them. I'm constantly thinking "That could be better."

For me villains are necesary to tell a type of story... this is a villain that sets up a type of story... the story where some of your allies are being corrupted and usually somebody needs to act very heroically or make a sacrifice for the group to overcome this effect.

I like her, she is honestly perverse. A lot of us have suggested decks with multiple evil heroes... but each individual hero is deserving of a deck, given how "awful" they can be if they went evil. Either based on the character or you selling her so well, It seems Visioary is the best candidate for an evil version.

I like your story, definitely. The GTG team will already have a plan for Vanessa's alter ego, but no reason she can't have two! Yes your mechanic is a bit plague-rat like, but if the gameplay works out differently, that's ok. Plague rat is basically a pure damage race from gameplay perspective. This sounds a bit more interesting


I like it. Good luck!

I gotta mention, this whole thing was a team effort. I didn't come up with all this by myself. I had help from my wonderful friends, Michael Shannon, Ariel Lyles, Chris Olney, Jessie Bailey, and Alexandra Brumley. Just wanted to give them credit too.