Exoplanets: planet tile diversity

I just backed Exoplanets.  Looking forward to it.

I wanted to mention one thing that stood out to me when I was watching the gameplay videos - the planet tiles don't have much visual diversity.  There seem to be a few basic types (lunar, grassy, purple gaseous, water), which I understand.  But within those basic types it seems like an opportunity was missed to make each tile stand out as an excitingly unique representation of that type.  There shouldn't be so much diversity that the board becomes a clutter of unrecognizeable shapes, but I think players would appreciate being able to choose between tiles that look as unique as we think actual planets really are.

The special Kickstarter planet tile is a step in the right direction, IMO.  When someone plays that tile, they're going to annoucne they're playing the "Kicktopia" tile, not just a random grass planet tile.  I think each planet tile should be unique enough that players develop their own pet names for their favorite planets.

Just wanted to toss that out there.

I'd probably comment that on the KS too just to make it visible to other backers as well who might not come here. 

Why do other backers need to see that?  It's a suggestion for GtG.

One more suggestion for GtG - no one calls a Red Dwarf star a Scarlet Dwarf.  Gotta change that.

So that you others might add their voice in agreement.  Just a matter that the more the backers request it the more likely we might see that as something they consider.  

Also, is there an Exoplanets announcement post or forum area here to let people know it's live?  I couldn't find it.

Fair enough.  Will do.

On the front page https://greaterthangames.com/content/exoplanets-north-american-edition-is-live-on-kickstarter

On the front page of not this forum.  I can't remember the last time I checked any other GtG site than these forums.  There should be something official here.

There should be but I also have it setup to get emails for updates on the news page which comes up the following morning which is how I get to them most of the time.