Exoplanets scoring

Say I have a planet with a life creation cost of 1 water and 1 air. I have 3 Life markers on it. Its endgame score would be 6 as is (3 Life x 2 resources). What if I add a Space Tile to it that reduces the cost by 1 water? Is the final score of that planet 6 (3 Life x 2 resources original cost) or 3 (3 Life x 1 resource adjusted cost)?

Surely it's the latter (score is based on the current cost). Reading the rules, that seemed like a key strategic part of the game. There's no way to keep track of the first option.

I don’t think it necessarily follows. If the score is based on current cost, the +1 cost space tiles seem like too powerful a way to increase your own score by playing on a planet you’ve already evolved up to Species.

Plus, all you have to do to keep track of the original life creation cost is look at the top of the planet tile.

I just looked over on the BGG forums. It looks like the modifications to resource cost do NOT affect end-game scoring.