F.I.L.T.E.R. files

Whilst it’s not really fan fiction as such, just something I thought might be fun to write and share.

Subject Name: Legacy

Aliases: Paul Parsons VIII, Paul Fields, Heritage, Iron Legacy

Threat Level: Delta(formerly) Omega-5(current)


Legacy has various powers including flight, enhanced senses, immunity to small arms fire, the ability to temporarily negate any attack, and super strength among others. He also may have the ability to detect danger before any attempt is made.


Paul Parsons VIII is the second member of the Parsons family to take up the mantle of Legacy after his father in the early 20th century although research on his family shows unusual occurrences dating back to the American War for Independence and his ancestor Joseph Parsons. The current Legacy inherited the mantle following his fathers death and has since fought in most conflicts involving superpowered beings. Legacy is also a key member of the Freedom Five and typically acts as their leader.


Legacy presents as a stereotypical boy scout superhero with strong loyalties to the USA. Legacy seems to always attempt to act in the best interests of the citizens he protects and rarely uses his full capabilities in combat, preferring to act as shield for his allies and to protect citizens from the effects of battle. As such under normal circumstances Legacy poses little threat to F.I.L.T.E.R. operations.

However, following incident LEG-4 it became clear that should Legacy choose he could become a severe threat to the Earth at large should his personality change due to trauma. The temporally displaced version of Legacy that appeared during the event wielded his power with overwhelming force taking out both his younger self and daughter with ease before being driven back by The Visionary. Due to the existential threat this version of Legacy poses to both Earth and F.I.L.T.E.R. this timeline cannot come to pass.

Operational Procedures:

As with any metahuman Legacy is to be monitored along with his family, whilst meeting Iron Legacy has drastically reduced the potential for him to take the same path, a continuous protective detail is to be on hand for his daughter at all times in order to prevent that timeline coming to pass.

Due to his damage negation abilities it is recommended that in the event he is to be eliminated that a continuous barrage of heavy artillery is employed or a metahuman capable of dealing continuous high damage be manipulated into the task.


Paul Fields? I know Pauline goes by Felecia Fields, but since the whole point of that alias is to hide her very public identity, and Legacy 8 is probably just about impossible to disguise, I would think she would avoid admitting that her dad’s name is Paul while she’s in the Fields identity. Does this info come from the RPG?

From the podcast, legacy uses it as an alias when he and Emily visit Felicia at college.


Minor nitpick, probably Autocorrect’s doing, but in the part about Iron Legs, you might want to change “temporarily displaced” to “temporally displaced”. Both are accurate, but the latter is a good bit more useful.

Fun idea! Is there any logic behind that “Threat Level” designation?

So threat levels as I see them -

None - Poses no danger to Earth and F.I.L.T.E.R., typically only given to F.I.L.T.E.R. operatives and ordinary citizens.

Alpha - Poses a minimal threat but is highly unlikely to act and easily removed.

Beta - Poses a minor threat and/or will take specialist resources to remove if needed.

Delta - Poses an active but mitigatable threat, or requires concentrated resources to remove.

Omega - Is an active or potentially devastating threat as we as requiring large resources to mitigate or remove. Omega level threats progress numerically depending on the scale of their threat (Legacy’s Omega-5 refers to his capability of subjugating the entire Earth) and typically caps at 10 (multiversal threat)

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Name: The Wraith

Aliases: Maia Montgomery

Threat Level: Delta, upgrade to Omega-7 pending


None, although subject does have several ranks of martial arts training and demonstrated several advanced throwing knife techniques. Subject also has enhanced computer and reasoning skills allowing her to investigate incidents with an above average rate of accuracy.

It is worth noting that whilst the subject does tend to not overtly use it, she does have the wealth and resources of Montgomery Industries available to her should the need arise.


Maia Montgomery gave little thought to the rising crime rate in Overbrook City until she and her boyfriend were attacked killing him and leaving her in a coma. Upon her recovery Maia got her parents to fund her extensive self defense training and decided to use said training to stop crime in Rook City.

Wraith is a founding member of the Freedom Five and commonly acts as their stealth and information gathering specialist. Her information networks have been key to not only the Freedom Fives success but also to the success of other hero teams especially Dark Watch.


In public Maia Montgomery acts the part of the wealthy socialite society expects her to be, as the Wraith however she is a skilled combatant and investigator managing to maintain a cool and level head even in the worst of circumstances. As an investigator she is a tireless hunter who rarely stops at anything to get to the truth.

Recent reports suggest a budding relationship between her and the Bunker pilot Tyler Vance, this could be something we could exploit later, recommend we keep a watch to see how the relationship goes.

Operational Procedures:

The Wraith is a baseline human in capabilities although her advanced reasoning and strategy skills mean that a surgical strike may be required to eliminate her should the need arise. Operatives operating in Rook City and Megaopolis should take advanced counter forensics measures to avoid detection by her investigative skills.

Given her advanced information gathering skills and strategic planning skills, I recommend that she be upgraded to an Omega-7 level threat (Potential to disrupt galactic order or to act directly against F.I.L.T.E.R.) to prepare for the eventuality that she discovers our interference and decides to act against us.

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Okay, if Paul in full Iron Legacy mode is an Omega-5 threat, how is Maia potentially an omega-7? This just smacks of “Batman could beat Superman in a straight up fight” mentality, as seemingly displayed by Zack Snyder among others.

Far from it, F.I.L.T.E.R. being an organisation that operates across multiple universes places more emphasis on threats against them than threats against an Earth.

Iron Legacy is more destructive but is also unlikely to work out how to take down FILTER unless it’s a threat right in front of him whereas Wraiths skill set could detect and work out a way to act against FILTER directly.