Favorite Villains Poll

Just a simple, light thread on a subject that has probably been done before, but I can't recall having seen it lately and we have five new villains to consider, so I thought I'd bring it up again.  Out of all the villains in the game (counting the nemesis targets in the V5 decks, to go by what little we know about them...I suppose you could also pick Citizens or Thugs/Underbosses or whatever, though it's probably more sensible to pick the entire deck containing them, since they aren't really separate entities in a narrative sense), what are your five or so favorites?  Here are mine:

1.  The Ennead

I'm an Egypt buff in the first place, so working up a fully realized version of an entire exclusive mini-pantheon is a very awesome idea to me, and I really like the way they play, chaining and triggering off each other while dealing numerous 1-damage instances which can be boosted into the stratosphere.  Their advanced version is perhaps a bit too tough to be entirely fair, and the fact that they have no Ongoing cards or non-character targets is mechanically annoying to a lot of characters (glares at Fanatic), but overall they're just incredible to me.

2.  Proletariat

It'd be valid to pick the Vengeance Five as a whole as a single villain for this list, but it's also fine to focus in on their individual members, and of them all, far and away my favorite is the one-man Russian army corps.  I could go on at some length about why the concept is cool to me, but others have pretty much said it all before; while it's possible that my ranking him as highly as I do is more due to "new shiny" than deservedness, it's also possible that several years from now, when new villains by the bucketload have offered us new experiences, I'll still consider him the second-best.

3.  Kismet

I just finished an epic game against her, and it's what spurred me to create this list.  It occurs to me that her design is almost perfect by my standards; she unpredictably careens back and forth between relative inactivity and frenzied destructive power, making for a highly swingy game experience which nonetheless seems to remain basically fair.  With the possible exception of high-H games on Advanced, she's perhaps a little too easy, but in general I find her to be an extremely satisfying workout - not as much of a faceroll as Omnitron or Plague Rat, but not as insanely tough as the Dreamer or the Matriarch, and very active and entertaining.

4Citizen Dawn

The coolest by far of the core set villains to me, she ranks below others only because of how aggravating the fight against her can be, on a purely mechanical basis.  She didn't really need That Card, and the time it takes her B-side to unflip can be highly excessive.  But she's still a great concept for a unique and memorable villain, one who's both a recognizeable homage to Magneto, and an innovative original approach to the general idea behind him.  The slight veneer of quasi-Soviet flavor to the Citizens, visible on the back of every card in her deck as well as her pseudo-military costume and her eugenic attitude toward her daughter, just gives her the kick-up-a-notch she needed to count as one of the most interesting supervillains ever created, who I'd much rather read about than 90% of the Rogues' Galleries of both Marvel and DC.


I gave myself permission to mention the Nemesis targets as individual villains largely because of this obvious pastiche of The Leader (she was almost tied with Equity, whose name suggests a more corporate version of Two-Face, but his flavor text implies that he may be a more conventional contract-killer who just happens to look weird, and his facial structure is at odds with the rest of his look IMO, so he just barely loses out as my favorite of the bunch).  I liked her just based on the name and picture, but her flavor text cinched it; the attitude of dripping condescension is just so perfect for a megalomaniacal lady genius, particularly one whose codename appears to indicate an aristocratic background (which in turn means that her opposition to Parse might well have an aspect of classist bigotry, and I do love rooting for the underdogs in such social struggles).

Honorable Mention:  Skinwalker Gloomweaver

None of the promo villains is really a spectacular improvement on their distinctly lacking original, but I felt like I ought to give some props to the very concept of revising these wimpy intro villains (with the exception of Spite, who is certainly easy enough for new players, but who I think makes for an unsatisfying first impression, given how many things he doesn't do and how nigh-impossible it is to fight him outside of his narrow "script").  While Spite is perhaps the most improved by his alternate version, I like Gloomweaver better for the conceptual turnaround between his extradimensional "dream-sender" version, where the deck really represents his cult more than himself, and the one who walks the world in mortal flesh, eventually becoming a Physical God who kills his own followers and slowly crumbles to death himself.  I feel that both his versions suffer a bit from the limitations of the game format - his deck tries to do too many different things to be very good at any of them, and the promo overcompensates for his weaknesses in a way that can be periodically unfair, while still occasionally failing to accomplish anything relevant.  But despite its awkwardness, it's still a cool concept which spins the original in a neat new direction, both mechanically and flavorfully, and so I'm picking it as my favorite of the four.

So, that's my list.  What's yours?

1. Cursed Acolyte

He's so handsome!

2. Cursed Acolyte

He's incredibly powerful!

3. Cursed Acolyte

He likes making things burn!

4. Cursed Acolyte

Did I mention he is handsome?

5. Cursed Acolyte

Fear him!

1.  Grand Warlord Voss.  Nothing says fun like all the minions you could want, and not doing anything to stop you from building up.

2.  Kismet.  Sure it is easy to ruin the challenge of this villain, but no one brings the shenanigans like Kismet, just don't counter build her and she's fun.

3.  Dawn.  She's nasty, and she's fun.  She brings everything, and not in a nice neat balanced package, she's got 4 or 5 completely different ways to make the game virtually unwinnable in the first turn, and the most hated card in the game.  Love it.

4.  Plague Rat.  Fast, dirty and mean.  Good times.

5.  Fright Train.  He is perfect.  Smash Smash Smash

Honorable mentions: Siege Breaker

It's me! Well... not really, but they couldn't have gotten closer if they tried. Red hair, beard, glasses, wide frame. I like it.



Because train puns, mostly.


4. The Dreamer

Such a creative fight, and surprisingly pretty hard too, considering the low HP.


3. The Ennead

Something about having 9 character cards makes this fight really fun.


2. La Capitan

Besides making the John DeLancie joke, she's like a more fun to play Dawn. (not that Dawn is bad, but she's REALLY hard, which makes her maybe 7 or so on the list) Plus her theme is awesome, and her crew members are cool. Like Siege Breaker!


1. Proletariat

Because Proletariat. Still my favorite character in Sentinels.

1. La Capitan. Time pirate. SO GOOD. She was also my second game of Sentinels with my gaming group - the first was Blade, and while they enjoyed it they thought it was a little easy. Then I grinned and pulled out La Capitan. That game is one of the best - and closest - I've played to this day. Also, time pirate.

2. The Ennead. How To Wreck A Hero Team In Nine Easy Steps.

3. Akash'Bhuta. The limb-killing is an interesting mechanic, as is the chaining with the environment deck - something which also means that you can change the difficulty of the villain by picking a target-light or -heavy environment, which is neat.

4. The Vengeful Five. I just really like their whole shtick of "we're going to play five cards a turn and chuck out a dozen targets for you to deal with". Aside from anything else, they're a great exercise in prioritisation.

5. Baron Blade. Because you know what? He's great. He's a simple introduction to the game, who introduces pretty much every basic villain mechanic without feeling bloated and overloaded, and still manages to pose something of a challenge to experienced players on Advanced.

Oh, man, only five? Love all the Villains!

1. Citizen Dawn: She was the villain in the first game of Sentinels that I ever played back in dark ages (ca. February 2012), and her Citizens just utterly destroyed us. That is the kind of nostalgia that the other villains just can't buy.  I still tend to lose against Dawn, but have never gotten tired of it. Also, IMO, the Citizens make her deck the coolest Villain deck. 

2.  Baron Blade: I teach the game to newbies more often than not, and the first game any player plays, is against Baron Blade. Everybody knows what a Mad Scientist is, and most everybody agrees that pulling the Moon into the Earth is a bad thing. Plus he is really easy in terms of flipping, because, as fantastic as Omnitron is, new players just stare at me in confusion when I flip his card each turn. And I do like throwing in Mad Bomber Blade with groups where most players have played at least one game with me. Then I tell them "You remember that guy you fought last time? Well, he is back with a new nefarious scheme!" and everybody in the group just starts to take Baron Blade's plots personally and that is pretty cool, because that makes V5 Blade kind of a big deal to them, when they eventually get to him.

3. Miss Information: Just a great combination of theme and game play. Okay, usually at least one Hero in the group doesn't live to see the day when she finally flips, and sometimes the clues just won't come. But it's fun how a few 'totally unrelated accidents' lead to you realizing that your own assistant is sabotaging you. Totally did not see that one coming!

4. Spite: I like Spite, even though he always brings down the (Safe) House. You are not necessarily waiting for him to do anything. You can beat him before he is all drugged up, or you can go about and save victims, and bide your time until he goes berserk. I usually bring him in when a player beats an easy villain, and asks for someone 'a little harder'. Plus he comes in gritty street flavour.

5. La Capitán: Did someone mention that she is a Time Pirate yet? I have a fairly decent record against her, but she does not make it easy, and sometimes I just want to play a game where I need to put a lot of thinking into each turn, rather than just saying "Oh, I am sure it will go away if I just hit it enough." No, it won't. 

Honorable Mention: That award goes to The Radioactivist. Not for complexity or anything, just for the name. 

Seriously, though, while I'll stand by Dawn and Blade, I am likely to change my opinion on the other 3 slots daily. For instance, if he hadn't wiped the floor with me yesterday in a particularily brutal game, Iron Legacy might have made Number 5. As it is, I am kind of mad at him.

1. Baron Blade - Not a particular deck, but the man.  Always coming up with a new plan, even after getting beat down so often.

2.  Fright Train - He just doesn't care what you do.  He'll beat you down just the same.

3.  Proletariat - Clone awesomeness.

4.  Grand Warlord Voss - For a relaxing game of Sentinels, choose Voss, the polite Warlord.  "I don't mind at all.  Get all your stuff out."

5.  Cosmic Omnitron - Starts out mild-mannered and then goes berserk on you.

5. The Matriarch - The only villain on this list just for silly mechanics. Since Haka always hits the table with my games, Savage Mana turns this level 4 villain into a level 2. Great fun.

4. Fright Train - While I always make the mistake of calling him Freight Train instead of Fright Train, he's a lot of fun to go up against, and I appreciate all of his cameos all the way back since the base game. It's also super cool to have a villain turn into a hero, especially as a promo version of his nemesis.

3. Iron Legacy - Super hard, but I love when heroes go bad. Again, it's the theme that does it. Whenever I play this guy, I also have an urge to play Injustice...

2. Grand Warlord Voss - Ditto for most of the reasons already mentioned, but also because he reminds me of my favorite Marvel villain.

1. Ambuscade - While he might be considered to be the easiest villain in the game, his flavor and theme exude awesomeness. It's like a French Deadpool of sorts.

Well the Dreamer's HP is kind of not the point, of course.  Let's see, if you totalled up the average HP of the Projections you get…there's a total 18 projections with 86 combined HP among them, so the HP of each works out to an average 4.7, and you start the game with H of them, have to kill them all, and then have to kill 2H more to win, so with H = 4, their combined HP on average would be about 56.4.  That's more than Ambuscade, but it is indeed less than most villains.  However, in an H=5 game with the absolute worst luck possible on Projections, you might start with Arachnoid, Whipacorn, Oni, Demon and Dark Hero, then get two more of each in the final boss rush, for a total of 81 HP - on the high side for villains even before you reckon with all the DR, and it doesn't count any extra Projections that the Dreamer plays on her turns prior to flipping.

I'd say she compares pretty solidly to Citizen Dawn in terms of HP, except with an extra loss condition you have to watch out for, and no ability to bypass the secondary targets (other than Citizen Truth) even if it'd be easier to win by just focusing fire.  As far as I can tell, there's no real tradeoff there, apart from the lack of That Card, and the ability to outright win with two Ends of Days in as little as two rounds (if you have H=5 and pull Violent Nightmares on all four card plays after the flip, putting ten Projections into play right off the bat; no other H number enables this outcome, improbable though it is even then - unless there's some outside help from Atlantis or Rook City, of course).

I don't get it.

she's like a more fun to play Dawn.

You and I have very different definitions of "fun"…

That's how I feel about Plague Rat.  Voss at least can win the game if you don't kill him.  Rat, you can just sit back and turtle all game (said "turtling" needs to involve something other than damage reduction, but it's not impossible, particularly for a team like Scholar + Sentinels + Omnitron-X), then kill him in one abrupt blitz where he himself probably increases the damage you do to him.  I should do another thread with my list of best newbie villains; I'd put him in the neighborhood of #4.

Thanos or Annihilus?

Most definitely Thanos.

One thing about Voss is the games are rare where you absolutely stomp him, there's no easy trick to negate all his damage, there's no easy counter to all his moves (other than Hairtrigger with +3 damage) and he always feels like he's close to beating you when you pull it out.


I don't think I've had more than a few games where it felt like we dominated him.

Space Ships on the first turn make babies cry. So. Many. Tears. 

On G+ the other day, we stomped him at the mars base by going flesh of the sun god +imbued fire and just letting 2 fire in the biosphere kill everything but the firesworn. It was awesome

Voss almost never destroys Ongoings and I believe actually-never destroys Equipment.  He does have a lot of damage and the minion overrun victory as a possibility (though I don't believe that's ever actually happened to me, it just forces the heroes to play aggressively instead of turtling, and often they get killed as a result), so I agree he's hard, but he has that as a glaring weakness.  I've fought him seven times and won four of those games; two of the victories and two of the losses were on Advanced, while the non-advanced loss was in Tomb of Anubis (which I'm currently 3-8 in) and my first Advanced win was in the Final Wasteland (which is my "safe zone"; I've never been defeated there, though admittedly I'm reluctant to fight really tough villains there and have that change).  The first game I ever played against Voss, Tempest was the sole survivor, while in my second advanced win, he was the only casualty.  Voss's losses have been some combination of hero power (two of the victories featured the Scholar, once I also had Young Legacy, and a third victory featured Chrono-Ranger, even though it was Advanced; against non-advanced, Tempest's nemesis bonus is pretty epic considering how many damage instances he can get) and luck; when he does things like playing Translocators without Minions or putting all his Forced Deployments in a row, I do a little happy dance.

Yeah, Annihilus always seemed kinda pointless to me, just a random bug-eyed monster cliche.  Thanos isn't a personal fave, but I can definitely see why someone would like him.

I’ve lost to voss by his win condition. It was bunker CR and scholar. A guard and tamar were both put on the first turn. CR did nothing, it took Bunker 3 turns to kill the guard and scholar didn’t draw a grace under fire til a ship came out, so I had to kill that. At the start of the 4th round it was over.

That’s the only time I have lost to him and he’s my favorite villain

My favorite, so far -- note that I haven't played against everybody yet:

1) Ambuscade. Most of my matches are played with relatively new players, and I like him slightly better than Baron Blade as an intro matchup

2) Omnitron - when the Grasshopper and I had a borrowed copy of the first edition, it took us ages to win against him.

3) Voss - for almost all of the reasons everybody else has said.

4) Ennead - Really innovative, and a match I need to try again soon.

5) Akash'bhuta - she's really swingy, and I still have lost to her more than I've won (maybe that's because the Grasshopper keeps picking target-rich environments to play against her in).

I find Voss, Akash, and the Ennead to be the most consistently fun to play against.  Spite and Iron Legacy have the best flavor, though.

The Ennead is one of my new favorites too. Ive only had infernal relics for a couple weeks now but some how ive played them twice as much as any of the other new villains. Im also enjoying spanking apostate

I would like to be able to expand my list of newbie villains, but I really don't feel Ambuscade for that; his traps are too weird, unlike anything else in SOTM, and the long chains of cards he can play seem like they might be too much for a first-timer to handle.  When bored with Blade and Tron, I've used Plague Rat, Gloomweaver, and Apostate to fairly good effect.  Akash'bhuta and GloomSpite might also work - never regular Spite, though, his invincibility is too frustrating to try to fight through.

I had Akash'bhuta on my list of potential newbie villains for a while, and then went through several games running where we got steamrolled to the point that at least one of the people playing found it distinctly un-fun.