Favorite Voice Lines from the Game

Sentinels of Freedom has its faults but I’d say it’s voice acting isn’t one of them. Well, okay, some things sound a bit off (I’m really not sure why Unity’s VA decided to attempt an extremely heavy Israeli accent. I mean, I kind of get what she was going for there but I think she went a bit far.) but mostly it’s pretty good.

So what are some of y’all’s (ooh, double contraction) favorite voice lines from the game. My personal favorites are pretty much anything Absolute Zero says because he’s great.

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The one I have come to love that Christopher and Adam play and explained on Letters Page Podcast was Adhesivist . “Make like a horse, and become, your glue now, in the factory, what too much? I’ll get there” It was the voice actor disappointed that he was not saying it perfect but leaving it in that Adhesivist is trying to get to a pun, trying to work to it but just failed his BANTER roll


You also can’t go wrong with Christopher’s favorite, “Mah caboose!”


None of them, because I’m not in this game!

Guise is in the game, and he has some pretty funny lines. My favorite is when you one-shot a goon and he says, “Oh, no, Timmy! Or was it Sally! Oh, anyway, point is, they were my OnLy fRiEnD!”

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Dangit. That’s the last time I listen to that little blue liar!

A particular line I like is when AZ is really low on health and says “Love where this is going.”

I have finally recruited Guise and for some reason bad guys attack him a lot so I get to hear his hurt lines all the time. Two particular favorites:

“I’m usually against being hurt but for you I’ll make an exception.” (I think I’m paraphrasing)

“Ow! My shin! That specifically hurt my shin!”

Also, is it me or dies Guise have the most voice lines of all the characters?

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Trust me, he talks a lot. Too much.

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I wrote the whole story all by myself no matter what that Braithwhite fella might tell you. So of course I have lots of lines.