FedEx question

celentano on Discord just shared the website’s quote for what it would take to ship Feather and Flame to Romania, and it was $290.20 for FedEx International Economy.

Now, I don’t have GtG’s level of experience with mass shipping, but I do ship individual packages for my company. I see that Feather & Flame weighs 1.5 pounds, so I’m assuming a package about double that weight, which makes $290 pretty steep.

Companies have access to volume discounts, but judging by that number, it doesn’t look like GtG is getting one. As an example, if I wanted to ship a 5-pound box to Bucharest, full price would be $262, our old discounted rate would make it $230, but we recently got a new rate that puts it at a mere $37. And even though that’s a “volume” discount, we don’t do a ton of overseas shipping, barely breaking double digits per month.

So I’m curious whether GtG has attempted to pursue getting a corporate account with better rates, or if they do so little overseas business that there’s no point. (Which would be self-fulfilling.) It’s still not as cheap as the quote for First Class International ($30.35).

Any chance those quotes are FedEx accounting for flying close to an active war zone?

A) Then that would have shown for me, too, and B) You give FedEx way too much credit. They’ll take your shipment and then just hold onto it forever, or send it back to you and still take your money. At best they’ll let you go through the whole shipping process and then throw some indecipherable error code when you try to print your label.

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Paging @bailey if they can assist.

You’re too kind to FedEx.

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Using FedEx is one area where I think GTG has made a mistake, tbh. They have regularly horrible service and they’re anti-union on top of it which regardless of one’s personal views is at least rather incongruous with GTG’s stated views.

Hello! Sorry for the delay. This forum just really does not like giving me notifications no matter what settings I push.

At any rate, we do have a corporate account with FedEx. Shipping is just that expensive. However, you do raise a great point! I have forwarded this to our warehouse manager to make sure that there isn’t anything weird going on or what might be up.

Since the forum still doesn’t like me, also feel free to reach out to me at !

To clarify, I knew you had a corporate account, but they have tons of different types of accounts with different rate plans. My company has two, one of which gives us better US<->foreign rates and one of which gives us better US<->US and foreign<->foreign rates.