Few Questions

I’m on my second game with my friends and we are running into a few questions, specifically about “hero advancement”.

  1. Are the bonuses you buy with Hero Points gone once they are used, or do they stick around?
  2. Are Sidekicks permanent or do they go away?
  3. Are Contacts permanent or do they go away after one use?
  4. Are the power ups (increasing a d6 to a d8) temporary? It says that making a red to yellow/yellow to green is temporary but not the die increase.

And lastly

How would you handle something like a bullet proof vest or something? If it’s not tied to a power (like Power Armor or something) I’m guessing that once it uses up its “defense value” it is destroyed? I know there is no official ruling (yet) for this, but I was just wondering if anyone had these types of ideas.

This pretty much applies to all of the questions. Any bonuses, sidekicks, die upgrades, and ability power up last only that next session. If you make bonuses they are one time use. The sidekicks, die upgrades, and ability power ups could be made semi permanent if you keep spending hero points from your last session on it.

That’s up to GM. Maybe it’s a one time use defense or it gives damage reduction against projectile attacks for a session.


If I remember correctly, they’re recording a SC-RPG discussion for The Letters Page this Friday, so if you get your questions in via this form in the next couple of days, you might be able to get some “official” answers when that podcast comes out next week! :smiley:

You could take a look at page 248’s “Alternate Rewards” and see if there’s anything that you can manipulate to work. For example (and I have not thought this through, so feel free to punch holes in this idea, folks! :wink: ), maybe you use a “sidekick”, but that sidekick only has one action (Defend as a reaction) and it’s die size is decreased each time damage “goes through” (exceeds the die role for the vest) until it’s finally taken out. However, it doesn’t regain a die size at the end of a scene (as a vest can’t get better).

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