Fireside chat update: Villains of the Multiverse

Better late than never, here are your latest Fireside Chats!

Let me know if you spot any typos or have any questions.

This one I take credit for discovering in Alpha testing 


Desert Eagle's text is updated to read "When this card enters play, it deals itself 3 psychic damage." The revelation that this card made it to printing without a damage type also dealt 3 psychic damage to Christopher.

However, I did not intend the psychic damage to Christopher though it is funny

If Citizen Anvil is incapacitated and Bastion comes into play, it flips him and destroys itself immediately.

Yeah I already accidentally discovered this one a little while back. Fortunately it wasn't too hard to just play whack-a-mole to Anvil again.

Cool! Looks like it’s time to go through the wiki.

Omnitron Challenge Mode text is updated to read: “For every 7 damage Omnitron is dealt in a round, the heroes may choose one villain component to destroyed. Ignore the second line of text on villain component cards.”

I think there’s a minor typo here. To destroy?

Also, I notice Imbued Vitality Durasteel Chains can no longer keep The Sentinels alive.

> The Sentinels’ setup card Game Play text is changed from “If you have no hero targets in play, flip this card.” to “If you have no active heroes in play, flip this card.”

Damnit! I spent ages reporting those Sentinels-all-dead-but-chains-still-alive bugs!


It's actually "be destroyed" in the game, just a typo in the post.

I didn't realize the fireside stuff got moved to here.


Glad to see Focused Conduit Blade has been changed, I was planning with it the old way, so now I can go back to the way I preferred to use it.

It wasn't moved. This forum was renamed.

Question on the card Heroes Unallied in Miss Info’s deck: If damage is redirected this way but then reduced to 0 by a damage reducing effect, should Heroes Unallied be destroyed?

I would think it would be destroyed since the card doesn’t say “if damage is dealt this way.” Currently it is not destroyed in the video game, but I’m not sure if that’s a bug or intended behavior.

I think the damage actually has to be dealt, which is to say, taken by something. Otherwise, no destruction.

It only cares that you might deal damage to a villain target and not if the hero the damage is redirected to takes damage.  I'm sure it will he fixed.

Should resolve like single redirections sending damage to targets immune to damage, the redirection effect occured, and the effect is consumed.  Now if the damage is prevented before it can trigger redirection, then the card would stay in play as the effect didn't occur.

We'll check that with Christopher, it could go either way.